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January 27, 2010
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The Date is February 8th 2024. Charles Jones, the founder of one of the biggest companies in the world, Valor industries, is sitting at his desk beginning to put his papers into a black leather briefcase. Just then his maid, Jennifer, walks in and says, “I was watching the news earlier today and I took the liberty to record something that might interest you ,” then she turned on the T.V. then it stated, “Later today, we talk about Unlimited financing and their latest scandal and…” Jennifer fast forwarded it then said, “This is the part” Then the T.V. continued, “Today one of the corporate sponsor from Unlimited Financing was caught in a restaurant downtown giving a large briefcase to one of the senators. Experts say it was because of the new bill that says owning a private military can give you over one million dollars back in taxes, which would confirm the rumors that Unlimited financing owns their own military which could only mean that their rival companies would have one too. In other news…” Charles says, “see this is why I run out of money, because of having to fix mistakes which could lead to us getting figured out, I might have to pay off a few of the rest of the senate for that decreased tariff taxes on large businesses and to vote no on the military bill.” Then Jennifer said, should I send ten thousand or twelve though…” just then the phone buzzed, “there is an unexpected visitor, should I send him up, he says he wants to talk to you.” Charles said, “send him in.” Then a man, about 6”1’ came in, it was Thomas Clark, the owner of Unlimited Financing, he came in then said, “Hello mister Jones, originally I planed to talk to you about how well your new businesses are going, the ones in the interstate exits, but I came here for business so I shall talk strictly business. I want to make a contract, between your store chain and convince store chain and my new ATM system, to promote it. Seeing how my previous stand alone ATM’s have don’t, I figured we could somehow build an area in or near your stores.” Then Charles stated, “You see, I might have said yes, if your men didn’t get caught paying off government officials, the public think the government is controlled by the industries enough, talk to me when this cools down and I will consider it, until then you will have to find someone else to do business with.” Then Mr. Clark walked of the room furiously and stated, “You shall pay for this Mr. Jones, one day you shall pay.” So Mr. Jones began picking the rest of his stuff up, while he was doing that, Jennifer asked, “Are you sure you shouldn’t of just told him to that you would of consider his proposition.” Then he walked for the door and said, “If I said I would think about it, he would consistently annoy me for an answer and if the media found out it would be all over the papers.” Then they got outside and into the car, it was a crimson red Ferrari with black trim and black leather, then Charles said, “also, now that I think about it, if he consistently called me, then it would be hard to pay off the government for his mistakes”

The date is February 25th 2024 the phone rang, Charles answered it, it was Jennifer and she said, “did you write my check correctly, because it would not go through…” then Charles said, “Yes, it is same as always, I double checked it and it even went through the machine to make sure it is valid, just stop by and give me the check and I will pay you in cash, I need to go shopping anyway, I ran out of food.” When Jennifer got there he gave her the money, $524.50, and gave her the keys to his Ferrari. When they got to the store he got one gallon of milk, three packs of premium cheese, three different bags of chips, and at the last second decided to get two packs of berry flavored gum. Then he got to the cash register and swiped his card. In about thirty seconds the clerk said, “I’m sorry, your card doesn’t work.” So he tried a different one, that one didn’t work either, so he tried all of his cards and none of them work, so he just gave the clerk the cash after he went back and got two loafs of bread and two packs of honey smoked turkey lunch meat. After that he asked Jennifer, “can you take me to the bank, I would like to know what is going on.” So he stopped by the bank and went up to the teller and said, “can you check all of my cards, none of them seem to be working.” Then, he gave the teller his cards and the teller scanned all of them and all of them turned up blank. He said, “Thank you and have a nice day.” He left for work because it was still early, when he got there his phone had a message, he checked it and it was Thomas Clark and it said, “hopefully you have thought of my offer and might have a different answer, if so call my office at anytime and tell me your decision and agreement, have a splendid day.” Mr. Jones knew he only had so much money, and had to find a solution fast. He decided to find a new way to get his money. Until then though, he decided to go home he gathered his stuff and called up Jennifer to go home.

When he got there, there was a sign in front of his house that said “for sell” and all of his furniture was getting moved out, he asked the guy that was in charge what was going on, he said, “The bank decided to repossess your home and your furniture, in that box is your clothes and in the other is your money the bank is giving you back for your stuff, they where both medium sized boxes. So he took the boxes and started walking towards the car and stated putting his stuff in then Jennifer said, “Where are you going to go, if they took this place they already took your other places.” He said, “I don’t know where to go, I have no place to keep my stuff or stay.” Then Jennifer said, “You can stay with me until you get this fixed.” So they drove to Jennifer’s apartment and unloaded his stuff into the spare room, it was small but fully furnished. It was later that night when he left; he went to a bar to drink his problems away, something he hasn’t done for three years.

It was May 12 2024. Their money was about to run out, and there was no way to get more, since then, Charles had started drinking heavily and stopped caring what other people thought of what he did. He decided to go to his office to do some work. When he got there, there was three messages, all from Mr. Clark. He erased them without reading them, his building is empty. Then there was a knock on the door and he answered it, it was Mr. Clark and he took a seat and asked smugly, “Have you changed your mind on my offer, then Charles looked at the letter opener on his desk and grabbed it and put it up to Mr. Clarks neck and said, “yes I have, if you give me my money back I wont cut your neck open and watch the blood spew out like a broken fountain. Just then Jennifer walked in and Yelled, “Mr. Jones, What are you doing, you will ruin your career!” Just then, Charles dropped the letter opener and fell to his knees looking at his hands and realized he had done something wrong, he walked out of the office and drove to his old house and just sat in it for the rest of the day.

The day is June 31 2024. Mr. Jones had been going to a psychiatrist for a few weeks now. He diced to buy his own place on a private island and build his own house with his own office. He spent millions to buy the best equipment and the best furniture and the best materials because he decided he was going to stay there for the rest of his life, he paid for food for the rest of his life. And on his last day in New York he had grown fond of Jennifer so he asked her to go with him, because he never really learned how to do most things in order to care for him self, and she said yes, because she would have been out of a job and she how to attend to Mr. Jones and his needs. So, he had isolated himself, with his maid, on an island in the middle of the pacific, away from most of the people he knew, but did not truly care about, with satellite Television, Internet, and an unlimited food supply. He was still able to control his company, and his military, which was currently winning. He was happy with what he had, for once, having all he needed and all he wanted.

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