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"Just the Evil Step Sister"

January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Diary,

Hi. Guess what? Only two more days until my dream comes true! The exquisite ball, the gorgeous prince. I’ve been in-love with the prince since I was 7 years old. But 11 years later and he still doesn’t even know I exist. I’m pretty smart academically, and thought I could get an education, but my mother doesn’t think I have enough potential to go to college. My father always thought I did, but he passed away 4 months ago, so now his opinion is out of the picture. My father always supported me. My mother supports me too, but not in everything. She has golden blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. She’s about 5.5 and very thin. I know she cares for me, but she doesn’t really show it. I’m very independent, and she expects a lot from me. My father on the other hand, didn’t expect as much from me. He believed in me, but wouldn’t be angry if I didn’t accomplish something. He had crystal clear blue eyes, and light brown hair, just like me. We’re very similar-both of us are kind and gentle. My step-sister Cinderella moved in with us when she was three. Now, she’s 15 and hasn’t changed much since we adopted her into our family. She has red hair and brown eyes. Her mother passed away when she was a baby, and her father knew she would be too much responsibility for a single parent. Poor Cinderella, she never smiled. It seemed like she was just miserable, but there had to be some happiness deep down inside.



P.S. Cinderella always calls me “just the evil step sister,” so I guess that’s my nickname, my horrible nickname.

“Prunella!” “Get up here!” Cinderella shouted.

“Coming Cinderella,” I called. “Yes?”

“I’m sick,” She coughed. “Get me some medicine and a crème-Brue-le.”

“Alright, Cinderella.”

Dear Diary,

Cinderella is sick. I hope she can still go to the ball. She needs to find a prince too. Only one more day!


Just the Evil Step Sister

Dear Diary,

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a girl lived in a castle. The prince, the boy of her dreams, searched the kingdom for a princess. When he met a beautiful, modest, young lady, he fell in love with her. They danced all night, and had a wonderful time. He took her hand, and they hopped on his horse and rode out of the kingdom as the sun set. Well, that’s my fairytale. It seems like I’ve been dreaming about it forever, but it still hasn’t come true. So I just wish upon the first star I see every night and I hope my fairy tale will happen someday.


Just the Evil Step Sister
“PRUNELLA!” Cinderella cried.

I jumped like a kangaroo, and the dish I was washing rattled as it fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

“I’m a little busy,” I replied. “I have to finish washing the dishes.”

“Well I need you.” She answered. “What’s more important- me or the dishes?”

“Honestly, the dishes. Your just getting on my last nerve!” I thought. But I could never say that, because she doesn’t feel good and I need to help her, so I just responded with, “Alright, just give me a minute.”

Dear Diary,

YEAH! Tonight is the ball! I’m so excited! But I don’t think I’m going. How can I? Poor Cinderella is sick, and I can’t just leave her here alone. I guess the prince will just have to wait. And anyway, I don’t even have a dress. I’ve been so busy taking care of Cinderella, and doing chores, I haven’t had any time. Maybe the prince and I just aren’t meant to be.


Just the Evil Step Sister

Dear Evil Diary,

Mwahahaha! My plan is finally working! Prunella really thinks I’m sick, but really I just want her to miss the ball! And she is! Everyone always liked her, favored her, and wanted to be with her. She’s too sweet and modest and kind and blah blah blah! It makes me as sick as a dog just thinking about it! Well now, she won’t fall in love with the prince and maybe he will be mine!



5:00 p.m.

“Prunella!” “Get me some soup!” Cinderella ordered.

“Okay Cinderella,” I replied. “I’m just helping mother get ready for the ball.”

I went into the attic to fetch a purple, lacey, ribbon for my mother, when a gust of wind blew by. Poof! Standing there was a fairy, but she resembled an angel. She was short, and had magical rainbow wings attached to her shiny, lime green gown. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied back, and her eyes glistened in the moonlight as I just stood there, staring.

“Hello, Prunella. I’m your fairy godmother,” She implied. “I’ve seen you suffer long enough and I’m just tired of it. Cinderella isn’t sick, she just doesn’t want you to enjoy the ball,” she continued. “You don’t deserve being Cinderella’s slave, you need to have more fun. Now, it’s time for the ball!”

Zap. Zap. Zapity. Zap. Zap.

“Oh my,” I whispered. “Thank-you. Thank-you, so very much.”

“You are very welcome.” She responded. “You look beautiful.”

I was wearing a gorgeous pink, sparkly gown and glass slippers. I had a silk sweater to wrap around my shoulders, just in case there was a cool breeze. “This is like my dream dress!” I responded, with a smile from ear to ear upon my face, and tears in my eyes. Of course, they were tears of joy and as one slowly fell to the ground, I was zapped to the ball.

Dear Diary,

We met. We danced. We fell in love. But time cut in and I had to run off, home. As I hurried off I stubbed my toe, and it got all swollen. My slipper fell off and the sky was so dark I couldn’t find it. I had to limp home, because I could barely even walk on it. Other than that though, the night was completely amazing. A gorgeous, summer night, but now it’s over, all gone. Because he is leaving the kingdom today, and will probably just forget about me.


Just the Evil Step Sister


My mother opened the door and a tall man in uniform walked in. He had broad shoulders and dark brown hair. His eyes were a sorrow gray, and he looked about 40 years old. His tone was sharp, and he ordered all the women in the house to come down immediately. He was holding my slipper and wanted everyone to try it on. My toe was still swollen, so it didn’t fit and when I tried to explain, he didn’t listen. When Cinderella walked in from the kitchen, she stopped and stared. The man stared right back at her, and both of them looked frozen.

“Da da dad?” Cinderella stuttered.

“Cinderella,” He softly whispered back.

Dear Diary,

The man who brought the slipper was Cinderella’s father, George. She tried on the slipper and it actually fit. Her father was convinced she was the princess so he called the prince in and he arrived within minutes. But when he opened the door, and looked deep into her eyes he knew she wasn’t the girl he fell in love with. He turned to take a glance at me, and gazed into my crystal clear blue eyes.

“That’s her. That’s my princess.” he solemnly spoke.

He walked over to me and reached for my hand. We skipped out of the castle, and onto his white horse. We rode out of the kingdom as the sun set. My dream had come true. It was pure magic. I wasn’t the only one happy though. Cinderella reunited with her father, and he fell in love with my mother. They married and he moved in. Cinderella became much happier, with her father by her side, and her true, inner, happiness arose.


Just the Evil Step-Sister

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