Anna and The Field

January 25, 2010
By Stephenb BRONZE, Milledgeville, Georgia
Stephenb BRONZE, Milledgeville, Georgia
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Anna hugged her knees and stared up at the deep sky. The stars seemed to wrap themselves around her. Anna dug her toes into the cold soft earth and leaned back a little further taking in the cool sent of the field. It was a warm night, but the breeze was cool and tickled Anna’s neck. She liked it out here, away from everyone. It was like her own secret world, a place no one could find her. It was finally dark, the deepest kind of dark and Anna look around at the grassy field. The wisps of grass and weeds swayed and moved like the ocean, they seem to be dancing all moving together.
That’s when it caught her eye, a sparkle. It was something almost glowing three feet from her leg. Anna scrambled over to where it lay and peered down at the small crystal. It was shimmering like a small tear; it seemed to reflect the very light of the stars. Anna was almost afraid to touch it, it shone like a stone but something about it seemed liquid. Anna reached out and felt the smooth surface, it was cool; almost cold. She pulled her hand back quickly and grasped it against her chest. She felt no pain; just a sense of something missing like the stone had taken something from her. Then, there it was again! Another sparkle! Anna watched as the stone a few feet away flickered to the same brightness as the other. Both of the liquid stones shone in the grass like diamonds.
Then Anna felt it, the soft hush of the wind begin to pick up and the grass began sway even more. Then the lights were everywhere. The stones started to glow all around her, first in just a circle. Then they ripple out as if someone was flipping switches. Hundreds, thousands of the sparkling stones covering the field. Anna lost her breath. It was if the stars were being reflected in the sea. The grass kept on swaying smoothly and the millions of stars just sparkled.
Then they moved. Just one at a time at first but soon they all lifted into the air. Hovering just 4 feet above the ground, flowing as if they were part of a current. Then they began to swell and move, closer. As if they were drawn to Anna. She held her breath as they slid up her ankles and over her arms, covering her. They were cold but so smooth. Anna felt at peace. Her mind was clear and white. She could sense everything, the grass, the trees, and the bugs on the ground. She felt everything moving and living together.
The lights covered her body now. She was glowing like a star, alone in that field. Then they floated upward, all of them together, taking Anna with them. She wasn’t afraid. She knew she’d be back.

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Tim-.- SILVER said...
on Jan. 27 2010 at 8:10 pm
Tim-.- SILVER, Markham, Other
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This was a really good piece of work :D

It had a nice, suave feel to it. I look forward to seeing anything else you post up in the future

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