January 20, 2010
By sebastian wright BRONZE, San Diego, California
sebastian wright BRONZE, San Diego, California
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This is the story of autumn and how it became one of the four seasons we have today. About 63 million years ago winter ruled the world, killing everything in his path. It was so bad the other two seasons called it the ice-age. Winter ruled the world for the next 2 million years. He killed all exciting life on the planet earth. Spring begged him to stop this horror. Winter ignored her, he had other plans for the future. He was going to build an empire of snow and ice. As soon as those words escaped his frozen lips spring rushed for summer’s help.

Summer lived on top of a mountain. It was always sunny and warm and bright, so he called it the mountain of heavens. Once spring told summer of winter’s plans summer was outraged! He had been living on top of a mountain for 63 million years and now winter wants to rule the world. Summer was so mad that if you could see the mountain it was almost completely on fire. Summer said “I will give him everything he has given to me.” Summer’s armor was glowing with aggravation and hatred. Spring said “in exchange for your service I will give you longer days out of the years.” Summer thanked her for her kindness.

Two days of preparation passed by until summer headed for winter’s castle. Summer road his phoenix into battle against winter’s grand owl. They each circled the battle area before dismounting their noble birds. Once each of them had both feet on the ground they bowed to one another and charged. Summer, with his two handed flame sword, jumped in the air and swung his sword as if it were a mallet. Winter took a low approach, blocking summer’s sword with his ice shield and going for the stab at summer’s chest with his crystal sword. Summer’s armor proved its value as it deflected winter’s sword with out a scratch on it. Summer yanked his sword away from winter’s shield, prepping for winter’s barrage of attacks. Winter created a fog to hide him from summer, however summer stayed calm and increased his temperature to protect him from any of winter’s ice shards. Winter projected thousands of shards at him but as soon as they got within two inches of summer’s body they would melt to water. Neither season could withstand each other for very long without feeling some sort of pain. The battle went on like this for the next 5 hours until spring came on her white majestic horse.

Spring screamed, "stop this madness please," you’re killing each other and the world you live on". As soon as the said that both summer and winter stopped in their tracks and realized what they were doing. They both had gotten so engaged in what they were doing they blocked everything else out. Summer and winter were too stubborn to apologize for what they had caused. Everything was either frozen or on fire. Spring only had 1 choice and that was to heal everything on the planet earth. Summer warned her not to do this. He said, "you don’t know what will happen. You might create a monster." Spring ignored summer and thrust her arms apart as far as she could then clapped them together . The only thing you could see was a golden mist, but as soon as it started it was gone and the mist revealed Autumn, the one season that gave balance to the other three.

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mrsberg said...
on Mar. 25 2010 at 5:03 pm
mrsberg, San Diego, California
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Great job, Sebastian, I'm proud of you!

seb@sti@n said...
on Feb. 5 2010 at 12:41 pm
thanks alot for reading it and leaving a comment it means alot that someone liked it

on Jan. 26 2010 at 8:48 pm
lily1411 BRONZE, Fargo, North Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.

--Benjamin Franklin

That was amazing how you put it:) it was like a myth/legend kind of thing that I've never heard before, really great!


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