Keep on Smiling

January 19, 2010
By Doodlerz BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Doodlerz BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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September 10, 2007, was the day our lives intertwined. Walking down the halls, I spotted someone with beautiful long black hair struggling to open her locker. She turned around and looked towards me. There was a big bright smile planted on her face. Before I noticed, she popped right in front of me. Repeatedly, she asked me to help her open her lock, but i also did not know how to open a locker at that time.

September 11, 2007, I heard there was a student transferring to my geometry class. I saw someone making her way down the hall. It was the same girl from yesterday! I wondered if she was the new transfer student. She seemed a bit off today. It seemed as if she was limping her way down the hall. I watched her carefully as she lifted her left leg but dragged her right. It did not seem right. Yesterday she was completely fine. I went up to her in geometry and asked if she was okay. She replied but with a smile. There were so many things I wanted to find out about her; and first on my list, was what was wrong.

September 12, 2007, I waited by my locker to see if she was going to walk down the hall today. The late bell had rung, and I stood there eagerly waiting for her to come by. I stood there and watched till the teachers chased me out the hall and into the classroom. She did not come that day. I sat in geometry staring at her seat throughout the period.

September 13, 2007, reaching into my locker, I noticed the hall had become dead silent. I turned around, and I saw a beautiful girl in a wheel chair strolling down the hall with her book bag on her lap. Instead of looking for her smile today, I looked into her eyes. What I saw was not a smile but eyes full of pain and sorrow. I walked up to her and greeted her with a smile. She did the same, but that smile could not fool me any more.

September 14, 2007, was a Friday. The week was about to end. I wanted to change the fact that I could not see her during the weekend, so i gave it a try. When geometry came, I approached her and asked if she was busy this weekend. She replied with a smile, nothing more. When I thought about Monday, I realized that was the first and last time she spoke to me. All she did after that day was send a smile towards me. I wondered if something was wrong with her voice or something.

September 17, 2007 her pictures was up everywhere! It was horrifying to look at. Her pictures were up everywhere: the walls, the ceilings, even on every toilet seat! Who did this? The answers were posted on every picture, photo, and poster. Lying unconsciously on the ground, she had her mouth wide open showing her tongue split in two, both legs bruised till they were completely black, face dripping blood showing marks of razors. All the pain she must have felt. She kept it all bottled up inside. Trying her best to hide the bruises and scars left underneath, she still had the strength to smile. I've only known her for a week, but she already left a huge impression on me. This is a story of an abused child.

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