Allamaria's secret

January 19, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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"A rose is only beautiful when it's burned" Shanna's secret by idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria

Allamaria's point of view

My throat burned. My body hissed with pain. The venom. The terrible venom. It was almost over. The venom had left most of my system. If this is what it takes to become a vampire it's worth it. Anything to protect Shanna. My body suddenly was gone of pain and my eyes snapped open.
I was in a room. A blank room. No windows. I looked to my side. Shanna laid there asleep. I smiled and looked to my other side. Blood on the floor. I looked at Shanna again. She was alive. A part of my body told me that she was alive. I sat up. I recognized the scent of the blood. It was mine. I kneeled down to touch it. It disappeared at my touch. I jumped a little. I looked around. No one else was in the room. I shook Shanna. She woke up. "Oh you’re awake. Finally. I was worried you'd never wake up. Your body wasn't taking the venom well" Shanna said. I shook my head. I could feel her excitement in me. It made me smile. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "We had to leave again. Our screaming did direct attention. Well it wasn't my screaming it was yours after bit you. We put you in here so no one could hear you scream anymore. You didn't sleep restlessly" she said. Her worry spread threw me and made my smile fade.
I got up and walked to the door. My close were splattered with blood. I looked at Shanna. "You coughed up a lot of blood" she said. I could feel her worry again. I touched my shirt at the edge and rubbed it between my finger tips. It was drenched with blood. "I'll get you something to where" Shanna said running out of the room. She was very worried for some reason but I didn't know how I knew.
I walked back over to the small bed that I had been lying on. I stared at my hands. "I.....I almost didn't survive" I whispered. Tears welled in my eyes. I heard something begin to crack. I looked around. The mirror against the wall cracked. "That.....that was me" I whispered. My hand slid to my lips in shock as I backed away from the mirror slowly. "I......I can break things with my mind" whispered.
Shanna walked back into the room carrying a white dress. "I figured you wouldn't mind wearing one of my dresses since I’m sure you'd really like it" Shanna shrieked. Her excitement almost made me smile. Her emotions were strong inside me. Why?
Her smile faded when she saw the shattered mirror. "You’re cracked the mirror" she whispered. I nodded sheepishly. Shanna smiled and gave a loud shriek. "That's wonderful. Your emotions react with your mind. When you’re sad you break things. I wonder what happens when you’re happy" Shanna said tapping her finger on her chin. Her curiosity was strong inside her head. "I guess nothing like me. I only break things when I get angry and sad at the same time. I usually kill people when I’m angry" Shanna said still tapping her chin with her finger. I took the dress from her hands. She laughed. Her curiosity "Talking to much aren't me? Oh well! Get changed. Cacareo's down stairs. I'll tell him you awake. Everyone will be happy to know your awake" Shanna said. She shut the door.
I walked around the room over and over again until Cacareo entered the room. Shanna's emotions were worried again. I still had no idea how I knew that.
I looked at him. "You’re a very special case Allamaria" Cacareo said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You weren't so post to live as well as Shanna shouldn't have woken up. You both have a gift. You can feel each other" Cacareo said. "Uh I’m not bisexual. I mean I don't have anything wrong with that but I’m not bisexual." I babbled. "No no I mean your emotions. You can feel each other's emotions" Cacareo said. I slammed my fist over his head. He fell to the ground moaning. "Be more specific next time brains" I hissed. "Geez you’re more violent when you’re a vampire" Cacareo moaned rubbing his head. "Don’t be such a pansy" I hissed. “Anyways your bond is when you can feel the others emotions so Shanna can feel your emotions and you can feels hers am I right?" he asked. "Yes" I said. "Well if you wouldn't mind I’d like you to help me up" he said. "Be a man" I said. I headed for the door. He groaned and got up. "You’re meaner when you’re a vampire" Cacareo moaned. I rolled my eyes. Cacareo followed me out rubbing his head.
Attoro smiled at me. "Oh you’re awake. Good" He said. I smiled. "The final guardian is in the loop" he said. I smiled. Attoro hugged me. I for once actually missed him. He sighed. "You smell like blood. Go take a shower" Attoro said. And now I hate him. "Thanks" I growled. He chuckled. "Come on Anabell will be happy to see you awake. She does a better job guarding you then she does guarding Cacareo" Attoro said laughing. "Where's Sarah?" I asked. "She's out with Aaron" Cacareo said. "Aaron?" I asked. "Yeah he's one of the guards. They’re pretty much in love right now. We haven't seen a lot of her lately. Merranda says there probably getting it on somewhere but I don't think Sarah's that stupid after all she is Karamaya's twin" Cacareo said. I sighed.
"Cacareo where are we?" I asked. Cacareo was still rubbing his head. "Were at one of the guard's mansions." he said."Let me guess it's Aarons" I said. "Yeah" he said. I chuckled. Anabell was in the kitchen. She shrieked when she saw me. She hugged me so tight I thought she was trying to choke me rather than hug me. "Oh thank god you’re awake. I've been praying for you" she said. "What does god have to do with vampires? After all were against his views" Attoro said. Anabell slammed him over the head with a rolling pin. "Bite your tongue. God cares for all features even us. He may not approve of our nature but he still loves us and you shouldn't question him." Anabell hissed at him. I giggled. "Nice hit" I said. Anabell laughed. Attoro groaned. "Your mean when you’re angry" Attoro moaned. Anabell giggled and kissed him. "Oh great you got them started up again" Addula moaned. She smiled at me still unwilling to hug me and keeping her personal space. After all Addula was a complete and total virgin. She hadn't even had a boyfriend before let alone kissed anyone. She hates even the slightest bit of contact.
I smiled back at her. Sylla hugged me. "Oh your alright I’m so happy" she shrieked. Then she caught herself. "Oh I’m sorry Allamaria." she said nervously pushing away from me. I laughed and hugged her."I missed you too Sylla" I said. She smiled and hugged me. Agaro joined in on the hug. I giggled. Ashaya sat still. She wasn't one for hugs either. She preferred to fight her feelings out then express them in affection. Which is why she's also just like Addula. Not one for any physical contact except when it involves hitting someone in the face.
I smiled back at her. "Geez kid you've have Anabell hipped up" Agaro said. I laughed. Anabell giggled between kisses from Attoro. We all groaned. They both laughed. "Excuse my love for my future wife" Attoro said. My eyes widened. "You proposed already?" I asked. "You've been dating for what a week?" "Uh Allamaria you've been out for 5 months" Cacareo said. "We've already moved from 8 different houses." My eyes widened even more. My legs collapsed from under me. Agaro caught me. I pulled from his grasp and fell to the floor. I began to cry. "Why am I cursed with such a stupid weak body" I screamed as I burst into tears. Anabell quickly left Attoro's arms and dropped down next to me. She tried to convert me but I pushed away. "Don't" I sobbed. She hesitated on touching me again but she did anyways. I fell into her arms. She hugged me as I cried into her shirt. Shanna ran into the room. "Allamaria" she shrieked. She dropped down to her knees by the wall. "Emotion" Shanna moaned rubbing her temples. "Terrible headache. Please stop crying Allamaria" Shanna moaned. I looked up at her. Her emotions were of pain. My tears really caused her a lot of pain. Looks like we'll have to control our tears. Shanna relaxed. "Thank you" she said getting up. I stood up. "I don't want a weak body Shanna" I said. She smiled. "Hey when I was born I was considered dead if it wasn't for my heart beat. I was pretty much dead for 5months before my eyes opened and I began to cry. I was what 1 already in human years." Shanna converted me. I nodded. She smiled at me. I hugged her. She smiled and hugged me back. "Looks like I’m a better guardian for you then you are for me" she said. I giggled as my tears began to disappear. Suddenly an unfamiliar scent filled the room. I looked to see someone I recognized. It was Shanna but it wasn't Shanna. Shanna smiled. "Oh Allamaria this is my twin sister Shanta. She's joining us" Shanna said. Shanta smiled brightly. I glared at her. I didn't trust you. Her smile faded. "I don't trust you. Your brightness can't fool me who ever you are. Stay away from me" I hissed. I left the room. "She can’t be trusted" I hissed. "Not ever."

The author's comments:
I began writing when i was 10 years old. I slowly built up my writing skills and eventually wrote this pieces. This is just a small portion of my book Allamaria's secret. This happens to be the second book of the series i started awhile ago but this is one of the more tense parts of the story. I was inspired to write Allamaria's secret from a Japanese T.V. show called Vampire knight and another show called Shakugan no shana. Both amazing T.V. shows. I was always fasinated in japanese anime so i thought i'd try to make my own. Course i can't draw so i stuck with writing instead.That is how i started my series. The first book is Shanna's secret.
Thanks for reading!
Peace out from Victoria!

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