The Box

December 28, 2009
By Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
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Love, for a guy, is just a chapter... but for a girl, its the whole book.

There was a girl who fell in love, and she loved that boy very much. She would turn red just hearing his name, would wait for a long time just to hear his voice and give up the world just to be his choice. She remained true to him for years, even if all he did was hurt her. He would fall in love with her best friends and make her head hurt, wondering what he was thinking. He would make her fall in love with him, make her give him her heart and then just throw it away. And when she tried to forget him and pick herself up, he would do something to make her fall again. And when she tried to move on and love somebody else, she would remember his smile and kindness, and not be able to move on. She hurt so many people, feeling this way, and the guilt kept eating at her, day after day. And when he finally asks her, “Would you ever see me as dating material?” and finally gave her hope, he threw her away and fell in love with her best friend. And so she put her memories and feelings inside a box. And then very gently, she tucked away her heart. And then she burned it all, and kept the ashes. And collected the tears she cried, evaporated the water, and mixed the salt with the ashes. And then, on a windy day, she threw the ashes and the tears away.

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