December 26, 2009
By , Caloocan, Philippines
A Bunsen Burner burns endlessly under a tex tube as fumes leaves from the mouth of the tex tube. The liquid solution in the test tube boils violently and its color movesfrom shades of violet to shades of red from time to time. It's kind of fun of examining the flame from the tip of the Bunsen Burner. It's a small Hershey's Kisses-shaped gas of blue. It's called fire. And as the scientist adjusts a circle in he body of the sleek Bunsen Burner, the flame would change colors as well - from Blue to Orange wand Yellow. And this change of flame color is accompanied by the change of color of the liquid solution. Using our scientific instincts, we can theorize that the change in color is due o temperature change.

Very near to where the liquid solution being burned is located lays a brown table good for 6 people. that's 3 on each side. Only that, there are no chairs, only the table .

We see on it, botles of translucent brown used in Ascorbic Acid Medicines. There are those of them laid on the table. All are empty. All are tightly closed.

Still on that same table is a stethostope and two thick books. This table must be a wok place and we observe the place, which is a laboratory, and we find a Scientis. But suddenly, from where we are observing the Scientist far from his back, in ours line of sight, is a window. But what really caught our attention is a student with thick glasses observing the Scientist and seems to be frozen, his eyes are suggestive of concealed plan. We are intrigued, we look back at the Scientist, but no, that won't relieve our intrigued mind, so we refocus on the window- and boy is gone.

The Scientist never seemed to notice the student. Never mind. The Scientist is busy and his white lab coat, and his eye glasses and the place he is in, suggests nothing but dexterity...
(to be continued)

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