Story of a teenage failure

January 13, 2010
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Here I am again, another meaningless day at school. I don’t ever stop to think why I even bother to come here. I could already be in college with out any of these bums, the thing is it gets worst in college. “Ay puke face, nice to see you at school this year, it’s gonna be a long one.” Lucas said.
Lucas’s huge fist decorated with thick platinum rings and tattoos hit me in the noses which caused blood to spew out from my nose, I was drenched in it. The first bell rang but I didn’t bother to pick my self up. Why’d I have to be the one to get beat up? I thought. I’m a 15 year old senior in high school, I’ve spent all my life being a human punching bag. There were so many things I had been dying to do. And one of them was to have a girlfriend.
The sound of high heels clacking on the white and grey tiled floor snapped me out of my day dream. I pretended to be unconscious as I was before. It was my routine, since this always happened on a day to day basis. “River?” It was our principal Mrs. Smithson. “River what happened to you?” she asked.
“I fell, on my way to class.” That was my answer; it had always been my answer for the past 2 years. Mrs. Smithson helped me up and led me to her office. More like a death box to me, I said to myself. “Here’s a shirt to change into, be more careful next time, I know how you kids are on your first day back.” She claimed. The horrible truth was she knew about absolutely nothing that went on at this school. Some Junior got shot here when I enrolled in this school and she still doesn’t know about it. Such a smart person, yet so oblivious, I said.
She walked me down to my first class which was almost over. “Thanks Mrs. Smithson” I said while the walked back to her office. I turned into the doorway of my chemistry class and walked in.
“River, you can use the bathroom in the back of the class to change.” Mr. Hoover said. As I walked to the bathroom I could feel the entire class eyeing the huge bloodstain on my new white shirt. A cold chill went down my spine, it gave me the creeps. When I passed some of the tables I could hear some of their remarks. “Lucas got Riv real good.” one of them said.
I opened the door to the bathroom, closed it and locked it. I let my self sink down to the floor. I couldn’t take the humiliation anymore. I forced my tears back. I wasn’t one of those kids who hated the school so much I came back and blew it up or killed themselves over crap like this. I pulled off my blood drenched shirt and slipped the clean one on. I stood up, fixed my self, and joined the rest of the class.
Perfect timing I thought. Class was over. I stepped into the hallway hoping there was no harm coming. Crap! I spoke too soon. There Lucas was. “Hey puke face, did you get spiked in the face or did your nose decide to have its period.” He high fived the guy next to him. “Yeah Riv, I have a tamp if you need one.” Amber pitched in.
The crowd’s laughter cast a dark shadow over me. I was mad even though I never really paid much attention to their remarks. I walked past them with the same “I could really care less” expression on my face. “He puke, I’m not done, I just wanted to finish entertaining my crowd.” He said. Lucas grabbed me by the collar and pushed me to the floor.

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