How it Begins

January 13, 2010
By kuh-rissa SILVER, Hazlet, New Jersey
kuh-rissa SILVER, Hazlet, New Jersey
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As Indiana strode out of the airport and into the taxi that would return her home, an empty feeling plagued her soul. There was no feeling of relief of being back after a month of absence, the hole in her heart kept all emotions at bay. She experienced the three things she wasn't expecting to find on her month spent abroad in Paris; love, loss, and betrayal. Such events shouldn't be brought together as closely as they had for Indiana. As she left for her journey with open arms she returned with only a broken heart and memories to last a lifetime. Funny how what your least expecting is usually what you find. As she thought back it was almost forgotten the trip was for educational purposes. Paris had taken a toll oh her as Indiana hadn't planned on falling in love during her trip.

Instead of unpacking Indiana took refuge at her desk and idly stared out of her window. It felt strange not having the Eiffel Tower right beside her room anymore. It had become so ordinary that now that it was gone, the night sky seemed broken. She sighed, the sky wasn't the only thing currently incomplete. Indiana turned away and shut her eyes. Her mind was reeling with memories from days spent in the city of lights, more specifically, her very first night. It was the night that made her trip the best, and worst, one she would ever experience. It was the night that would be burned in Indiana's memory for the years to come.

Indiana rose and crossed the room to her suitcase and pulled out the remains of what was once a rose. A small card was attached to the stem, 'Tristan' it read, the one person who ever brought meaning to the life she lived and the first person to take it all away. And to think, if she hadn't been so keen on changing her life, maybe that night at the café would have be different...

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