A Big Mean Dinner

January 13, 2010
By Caleb Mertens BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
Caleb Mertens BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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One evening in the middle of the night, there was a Mexican walking fish just walking on the bottom of the lake trying to find something to eat. Then the Mexican walking fish saw something out of the corner of its eye. The Mexican walking fish looked over and saw a huge funky looking creature coming. This creature looked like a king crab on steriods and was the size of a snapping turtle. As it got closer he saw that it was a giant coconut crab. He didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there flabbergasted about the massive size of the crab.

The crab saw the fish and being the jerk that he is, started making fun of the walking fish because he was bigger than the fish. “Ha-ha, look at how much bigger I am than you. Its not even funny how small you are, I almost feel bad for you.”

The walking fish then felt bad because the crab was being so mean. The fish replied, “Hey, I might be smaller than you, but at least I don’t look like a big, fat, ugly, ogre.”

Enraged in fury, the crab yelled, “Oh yeah you sad excuse of an animal, how do you like this?” the crab then opened up his giant claw and snipped off one of the fish’s hands. The fish screamed and then started laughing at how stupid the crab was.

“Ha-ha you idiot, I can regenerate almost all of my body parts,” fhe fish bragged.

“Oh yeah,” the crab sneared, “that is a useless adaptation for me. “I’m so big that I don’t have to worry about losing any of my limbs.”

Just then the walking fish saw a pair of feet walking through the water and darted off to hide from the strange alien looking feet. The crab preached, “yeah, that’s right, run away you coward, and never come back.”

The fish was going to tell the crab to run, but he knew that the ignorant ogre wouldn’t listen to him so he didn’t even bother telling him anything. The crab turned around and saw the feet and tried to hide but he couldn’t find a place big enough that he could hide in. The crab couldn’t do anything, and a pair of hands came down and picked him up, and took him away to be someone’s dinner.

When the Mexican walking fish came out from hiding he looked around and saw that the crab was gone. He started jumping around in joy and yelled, “Yeah that’s right, how does it feel to be a big fat crab that gets picked up and made into dinner. Not so awesome being huge any more is it, huh?”
Moral: The Nail That Sticks Up Gets Hammered Down.

The author's comments:
i had to write a fable in my Creative Writing class and i had to pick a moral from a list. i just thought that this moral could make a pretty good story

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