dont stop believin

January 11, 2010
By lovapnk BRONZE, Houston, Texas
lovapnk BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Cold salty drops of sweat ran down my tan face. My tired heart started to beat faster and faster. My weary body started to shake in all different directions. “ I’m almost there.” I told myself, “ Hang in there, just a few more steps.” Slowly, I started to take deeper and slower breaths, trying to expand my ribcage just like my tennis coach, Timmy instructs me to do. “ I can do it!” I said to myself. I could see the red, shinny ribbon that would separate the winner from all the other runners. In just a matter of seconds, a few more steps and all the hard work would pay off. Timmy has always taught me to believe in myself, work hard and anything can happen.
As I was running, my mind kept drifting back to the first time my coach Timmy pushed me to a new level and made me challenge myself. I remember that day, it was a foggy cold morning and I was scheduled to take a lesson with him. Just like every other morning, I walked on that old green cracked court ready to start. The icy wind started to pick up. To my surprise Timmy wasn’t waiting for me to hit. Timmy was on the court but didn’t even have any tennis balls with him. I said in a curious tone as I lifted up my shoulder in a questioning motion. “ Aren’t we scheduled to hit today?” I asked. “ Yeah, in a little bit but first I want you to jump over this pole” Timmy said in a laid back manor. He went to the bleacher and sat with his legs crossed as well as his arms. “ What!” I said harshly, “ I can’t do that! You know I have had problems with my leg and can’t jump. ”
“ Why not? Your leg is fine now.” Timmy said as he leaned forward towards me. I tilted my face down in shame.“ No, I can’t.” My face started to heat up. “ Just try.” he said in a positive tone. I walked hesitatively over to the pole. I could feel the butterflies starting to swarm in my stomach. With a burst of energy I picked my feet up into the air. Unfortunately, I had not lifted them high enough and my feet hit the pole. I jerked to the ground. Tears were starting to boil up in my brown nervous eyes. My knees were even shaking. “ Try again, you can do it, don’t give up!” Timmy said trying to smile. Timmy got up from the bench and walked towards me. He lifted his right hand and placed it on my tense shoulders. His grip started to tighten and he nodded his head “Yes!” So, I slowly and unconfidently stood up to try again. Once again I walked up to the pole. I started to think maybe Timmy is right and I should just trust him and believe. I took a deep breath in and released it. I quickly lifted up what I thought were weak legs and I made the jump of my life. “ I did it!” I screamed. I quickly ran over to Timmy and gave him a big hug. Just as soon as we hugged, a huge smile was on his face too. I knew I could conquer anything if I worked really hard and believed.
I almost tripped; my mind came back to reality. I looked down at the red gravel I was running on, the cold sweat still running down my tan face. “I can do it.” I thought trying to pump myself up. I have worked hard, now if I just believe in my self. “I’m almost there,” I told myself over and over again. Quickly, I started to pass the other girls. My speed was increasing. With one bolt of energy I crossed the finish line. The red, shiny ribbon broke into two. “ I did it!” I screamed proudly. I stood there holding my blue ribbon that day, I could remember all the hard work I went though the years before. A tennis player that couldn’t even jump over a pole could now win a running race, because she had the best coach ever. Timmy has always taught me to believe in myself, work hard and anything can happen. He is still helping me be the best I can be.

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