Theres A Zebra In The Snow!

January 11, 2010
There once was a zebra named Zippy. Zippy was not a wild zebra, not at all, he was infact raised in captivity. No not in a zoo or anything like that. He was raised on a farm in a small town in Florida called Ottoman(I dont think thats an actual place in FL but in my story it is). It was one of those towns where everyone knew everybody and everything that went on. So of course everyone knew about Zippy the zebra. Everyone loved him, especially the kids. They always asked if they could play with Zippy and feed him. Zippy always loved running around the farm and playing with the kids and other animals on the farm. He loved his life in sunny, warm Florida.

On one particular sunny day Zippy was out just walking around the farm when he saw an unfamiliar truck in the drive. He trotted up to the house and saw men taking boxes from the house to the truck. To say Zippy was confused was an understatement. He didnt understand why those men were taking his owners things, but then he saw it. There in the middle of the yard was a for sale sign with a 'SOLD' sticker slapped across it. Now he understood why the strange men were putting the boxes in the truck, they were moving, but to where? Will they take Zippy with them? Will it be warm and hot like his home here? He didnt know.

A little while later after the strange men put most of the boxes in the truck another one pulled up. This truck he recognized. It was a truck for him to ride in. So they were taking him! He still didnt know where, but at the moment he didnt care. Finally his owners came out and got him situated in the truck, but not before all the kids in town came to say goodbye. So after making sure everything was taken care if they set off to their new home.

It was a day or so later when Zippy noticed that they finally reached their destination. His owners opened the doors to the truck to let him out. He jumped out happy to be able to run, but when his hooves hit the ground and he took in his surroundings he was shocked. Everything was pure white and cold! He looked up at the sky and noticed that that was where the cold white stuff came from, seeing as it was currently falling from the sky. One of his owners had said it was snow, whatever that was. He still didnt know where he was until he saw a sign that said 'Welcome to Cleveland'. Zippy lowered his head and walked around. Whoever heard of a zebra in the snow, besides the ones at the zoo and such.

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ladidadidaa said...
Jan. 22, 2010 at 9:47 am
This has got to be the worst short story I have ever read, if I ever met you I would stalk you until took off your shoes and fill them with zebra poop.
X_Dysfuntional_Lyrics_X replied...
Jan. 22, 2010 at 10:21 am
then why in the world did you comment?!?! as I said Im sure it could probably use some revising. UGH! didnt have to be like that geez
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