An Insignificant Moment

January 10, 2010
By Anonymous

As I walked amongst the crowd that Monday morning, I began to see each person for their insignificance. There is no substance to anything, I thought. I focused my mind towards the perspective of the outer universe. As I grew more and more distant, the millions and millions of galaxies clustered together to form thousands and thousands of clusters. I then realized that our contribution to the big picture is nonexistent. We simply live to exist.

In our world alone, we are ants in an ant farm. We all live our lives mindlessly, thrown into a complex world, making due with what has been placed around us. Indeed, we all look up to the stars from time to time. But soon after, we continue onwards with our empty tasks, spending time wasting time.

I pitied each person who walked by me. They were just like everyone else; collections of molecules capable of abstract thought. Since these creatures are the smartest on their ant farm, they declare their importance. In the vast distance, I’m certain, there are creatures capable of shriveling our opinions of our intelligence. Entities that live within an existence we could never be able to comprehend. We are likely nothing more than obsolete devices.

To asses the validity of my assumption, I began to wonder if our body exists to sustain our mind, or if our mind exists to sustain our body. The answer to this question answers everything else. Are we simply material objects? Or are we bulky, obsolete devices made to uphold abstract thought?

No. Our body is our mind. We are a body, nothing more, nothing less.

I sighed at my existence, realizing that this moment of questioning would soon pass. I would continue onwards with my pointless journey; a life in search of insignificant satisfaction.

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