January 9, 2010
By Dravonis BRONZE, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Dravonis BRONZE, Waupaca, Wisconsin
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I hear the mortals talk about pain and often wonder, what is pain? They also say pain is weakness leaving the body, pain is a cleanser and pain is all in your head. If this is true, what do you call this feeling I have in my heart? My name is dravonis, and this is my story.

My life started out like anyone else, but my life was different. I am a demon, birthed as i am and forever i shall be cursed. The day I was born the heavens rained fires of hell. The first person i killed was not on purpse but quite the oppisite. My mother bled out after i was born. My father was sad for many years, but his pride never let me see him cry. On my 18th birthday, my father sent me to town for an oxen for my birthday feast. I walked around the market bartering for the oxen, until the sound of a miniscule roar of a tiger cub struck my ears. The merchant saw me admiring the cub and sold her to me for five pence. I christened her goldmoon.she rested on my shoulder as i began the walk home as i drew closer to the house the stench of burning wood and straw stung my nostrils. I thought that father had started the festivities without me and i sped up my walk to a run. Goldmoon leaped from my shoulder, as i got closer to home, the smoke stung my eyes. I saw my father laying in a pool of blood on the ground. I rested two fingers on his neck feeling for his lifebeat, but to little avail. He had passed, i dont remeber what much of what happened afterwards, but i do remember waking up covered in blood, from the trauma of losing my father and waking up in blood, amnesia set in ten fold. I walked for days without food or water. After several days of wandering a tender sweet voice called out to me. "come to me dravonis" cried the voice. my strong mind commanded me to stay, but my shattered heart dictated that i move forward. I absent-mindedly walked towards the voice but again to little avail, the darkness overcome me. i next awoke in a large room on a cot with three others. I woke them out of their slumber. they groggily rubbed away the sleep that had assaulted their eyes. The lone light flickered solemnly. We observed each other till we sought content. The silence crept upon us like a midnight snowfall. One of the men spoke up, and introduced himself.
"well then, this silence is everything but fun. so i'm izu short for izuba." he said
"im dractos" another said
"im sully" the third proclaimed
"im dravonis" i added
"well now that intors are out of the way" izu said. "do any of you know where we are or why?"
The three of us shook our head slowly.
"ok then, how old are you all?"
"17" said Sully.
"same" said dractos
"18" izu and I said in unison. the silence set in once again.
"where you guys from?" I asked.
"brimstone" dractos said.
"kiratona" said sully.
"niitori" replied izu "you"
"kazanoa" i said.
"where the hell are any of those places" sully stated. It started out as a small chuckle, then slowly built up to uproarious laughter.
" SHUT UP!!!! " shouted a voice from outside. I jumped slightlyas did my three new friends.
"Get against the wall!" the voice demanded. The four of us backed against the wall, as a tall well built man wearing all black appeared in front of us.
"You are here because the four of tou are the most deadly and most lethal killers and I'm going to help you hone in on those skills" the stranger stated to us.
"I havent killed anyone" each of us said in turn.
"oh contrair my friends you have, you just dont remember because I erased your memories"
"" YOU LIE!!!!" I shouted.
"Oh, Do I" he said smirking.
I started shouting obscenities at him as my three roommates stared between us in fear. I suddenly stopped as my windpipe was crushed by an invisible force. "LU! DON'T HURT MY SOLDIERS" came another voice
"MASTER?!?!?" the man named lu shouted back.
"Bring them to me" the voice said to him. We were bound and dragged to the king of hell. "Hello my friends" said the voice "I am Lucifer, ruler of all you see" he said "The reasons you are here are your own. I'm here to give you the tools to exact your pound of flesh." we looked at him in shock as the memories came rushing back to us, like a stampede of cattle.
"why do you show us these lies?" demanded sully
"we blacked out from the shock of losing our familes" said dractos
"no you didnt" lucifer growled slowly growing more angry
" LIES!!!!" izu and i saw together
" ENOUGH!!!!!!!! " he roared in fury " Enough of your insolence!!! "
The darkness enshrouded us and we appeared in the room we had awaken in. "well now that was uncalled for" izu said with a small chuckle. We sat on our cots tiredly as the light blinked out. "guys im going to bed" dractos said
"same here" said sully.
"i'll take first watch" said izu
"second" i dropped in
"th-th-th-third" dractos chimed in with a yawn.
There was no reply from Sully so we let him sleep. The night passed by slowly like molasses in the icy sting of winter.

The next morning came by slowly. I awoke slowly with light shining in my eyes. I jumped off my cot quickly screaming "father!!". i was instantly bound and dragged to lucifer. "ah dravonis welcome, can i get you anything?"
"yea let me come go and then we'll talk" i said back

The author's comments:
i got bored in class and this is what it evolved into

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Riley141 GOLD said...
on Jun. 22 2010 at 11:26 am
Riley141 GOLD, Yale, Michigan
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I realy like the begining ... about pain. Its a good story keep writing


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