January 8, 2010
By tashaob BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
tashaob BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
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Jillian stared at her food while her family prayed. She was daydreaming about seeing Collin again and how she would explain her growing tummy to her strict parents. The weight she was gaining was quickly becoming obvious. She began switching her fitted denim jeans for spandex leggings and sweatpants. Her trendy bright colored blouses became replaced for oversize dark colored sweatshirts. The weight she was gaining wasn’t regular weight from overeating; a seed was growing inside of her and soon it would fully blossom and make its entrance to the world. Besides that, how would she tell her parents that all the times she said she was at the library she was actually with Collin?
Maggie and Bob stared at their innocent little princess not realizing what she was planning to do that night. “Honey, stop staring at your food, you need to eat and take your medicine so that you won’t hear those crazy things in your head anymore.” Jillian forced a smile to her parents. Behind that smile was hate. She felt trapped. Jillian couldn’t understand why her parents would treat her like she was crazy. She thought maybe they were crazy and were just in denial. Bob treated her like one of his students at the military academy and Maggie treated her as if she was a nut case. She was glad that she would possibly never have to smile at them again if her plan worked.
9 o’ clock came and her parents were fast asleep. Jillian creeped downstairs to the kitchen and searched for the sharpest knife in the drawer. She walked up the squeaking stairs to her parents’ bedroom, turned the gold door knob, walked to the bed and quietly stood over Bob. She gently removed an extra pillow and placed it onto Bob’s face. She lifted up her arms and forced the knife into Bob’s body. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” stab after stab she repeated those lines. Maggie woke up and screamed so loud that the neighbors heard her and they called the police. “OH MY GOD JILLIAN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” yelled Maggie. Jillian proceeded to head towards her mother. Maggie ran as fast as she could but unfortunately she was unsuccessful. Her back came in contact with the rosewood floor of their large hallway. Jillian took the opportunity to get on top of her. Maggie’s face read a mix of emotions. “Jillian don ’t do this. Think about your future. We have so many plans for you, I love you, please.” Maggie pleaded. Jillian gazed into her mother’s eyes. With thoughts racing into her head she lifted her arms and held the knife in the air. She quickly tried to push the force of the knife into her mother “BOOM!” the knife suddenly dropped and Jillian fell onto her mother “NOO!” Maggie screamed. But it was too late the police had shot Jillian and she was dead.

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