January 7, 2010
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She was warned.
As she gazed at the poster that horrid Monday morning, of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Everyone told you not to. It said to come at your own risk.
But it had a boneless man!
It was also at 12 o’clock at night.
But this is a once in a lifetime chance!
And yet it seems like it’s only for freaks, right? She was the only one that had gotten that poster in the whole school.
And yet, there she was, sitting front row at that very stadium that her poster told her to go to.
Too late now to leave.
Why hadn’t she brought someone with her?
She wasn’t thinking, that was her perfect idea for the night. It seemed perfect at the time.
After all, the poster had said this would be something that you wouldn’t regret.
Although, the people up on stage in robes aren’t helping make her feel any more at ease.
The lights switched off suddenly, leaving a freezing ominous chill in the air as a spot light, probably filled with cobwebs since it was so dim, cast its light onto center stage.
But she wasn’t looking at the stage, she was looking at one of the back exits, where the door was open, and a man with arms and legs as long as he was hobbled in and seemed to at least try running to the back of the stage without epically failing and falling.
His face was deranged, he had one eye the size of a orange, and the other the size of a bottle cap, A huge crooked smile on his face that braces surely couldn’t fix, and a bald head with a few stray hairs that didn’t seem to fall out just yet. He was clad in all black and appeared to be in a hurry since he was gasping for air.
Was he one of the people in the black robes?
She could easily understand why. He was hideous!
Slowly getting higher onto her chair, she tried to get a better view of the man.
Now on her knees, she lifted her head as high as it possibly could go without it suddenly severing itself off of her body.
The people behind her watched in silent annoyance as the girl gazed at what they thought was some bull**** guy on the other side of the theater. They continued to give her dirty looks as she got higher and higher onto her seat.
The couple finally cracked when she was standing on her chair, for everyone to see.
“Would you care to sit. Down” the man hissed in a hushed tone to her.
Almost like she was hit in the back, she quickly plopped down into her without a word or a single glance to the man and women behind her.
And then, it happened.
He came out of nowhere, clad in Victorian clothing and a top hat filled with dust that he soon took off and bowed to the group in front of him.
His brown hair was slicked back against his head, his green eyes could probably pierce the young femal in the back row.
He was young though, had to be in his twenties.
“Welcome” he finally boomed to the group without even a microphone, after a few moments pause.
“To my circus. Please, I suggest the faint of heart leave now”

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