Leaving Her

January 5, 2010
By earth-to-jenn BRONZE, Strawn, Texas
earth-to-jenn BRONZE, Strawn, Texas
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Let memories be a blessing, not a curse. God put us here for a reason, so make it worth everyones' time and pursue happiness every chance you get. Don't let people put you down. Smile, because life is to short to not have fun. And always remember to dream big because maybe you strikeout nine times out of ten, but there is always that little chance that your dreams will come true.

"You can't leave me like this!" Ashlynn cried out, her voice sliced through the darkness. "You promised you would never leave me. Don't leave."
Her voice faded into the night. She was sobbing, tears raced down her beautiful face causing pale blonde hair to stick to her face.
"I can't say I'm sorry, because I'm not," Carter said, harshly. "You're holding me back from my dreams! I can't keep you around for entertainment anymore."
His words were slightly forced, and it shattered his soul into millions of pieces to say them.
Ashlynn did not notice this. She drew back in horror. He watched as his words washed over her, and crushed her complete self being. Her pale, sea green eyes filled with heart wrenching pain, and confusion. Her arms dropped to her sides, and she stopped speaking. After a few moments her hands flew to her chest, and she pressed them there, holding herself together.
"Go, then," she said, quietly, her voice cracking.
He turned, and began to walk away. He heard her sink to the ground, and knew she was sitting against the bench, her knees to her chest, arms clasped around her legs. He heard the intake of her breath, and her heartbroken sobs. He almost turned around. He was so close to turning around, running to her, and telling her the truth. Until he remembered what the truth was.
He couldn't turn around. Not if the cost was her life. He would do anything to stop this.
"You promised me!" he heard her scream. Her words were filled with so much pain and hatred, that he was overcome with guilt. "You said you'd dnever leave, Carter! How?! How could you do this to me?!"
"To save your life," he whispered. He was too far away for her to hear him.
He heard another one of her screams of anguish before he turned the corner. He walked into his house and slowly shut the door.
He walked to his room, and sat down on the bed. After a few minutes of telling himself he was not going to cry, he gave up and let silent tears wash down his face.

Three days later, he walked into the Purple Monkey Cafe. He saw the dark haired man he was supposed to meet.
"So you killed her youself, eh? Great way to keep her out of my hands," the man asked, as he slid into the booth.
"What are you talking about?" Carter asked.
"Do you not watch the news?" the man laughed, meanly. "Your girlfriend died this morning. There were no marks on her body, no overdosage of drugs."
"The poor girl was said to have died from heartbreak," the waitress shook her head, having caught the end of the conversation. "They said her boyfriend of six years broke up with her three nights ago. Been together since they were eleven."
The waitress walked off. Carter was glad she hadn't heard he was the boyfriend.
"Looks like she would have been better off if I had killed her, instead. Woulda been much less heartache," the man giggled, his laughter filled with amusement, evil amusement.
Carter got up, slowly. I couldn't save her. Not from death. Not from anything. Tears flowed out of his eyes.
"I will get you back. Watch your back, 'cause you've got it coming for you."
The man began to laugh, when he heard Carter's words.
He doesn't believe me, but he will once I'm done.

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