My Dream

January 5, 2010
In my dream it was a rainy day and I had to take my sister to her bus stop. When suddenly a strong wind took my sister and me to the floor. We went back inside the house and close the door. We went back outside again and saw lots of leaves on the ground. While I was taking my sister to her stop I almost trip and fall down too. Then again another stronger wind almost trips us but I was able to grab from a metal bar and hold myself to get up. Finally the bus came and my sister got in it. I when back to the house and my mom was awake; she was making cereal and eggs. I couldn’t believe it so told to myself would this be a dream. I swear to god that everything I saw and touch was real like in real life. So I though, if I walk in the wall it would be a dream I’m dreaming about.
So I when to the kitchen to walk on the wall, but I couldn’t wall and I fell. And when I fell, I woke up and almost hit myself on the wall too. Then I couldn’t sleep and started to tell my mom but she wasn’t on her room, then I went to the others guy’s room and no one was at there room. I was getting scared and then, BOOM! A big, scary, looking alien was in front of me. And he said, “Come with me if you want to live”.
And I told him “NO”. I want to stay here and nowhere else.
Then he said “Fine, but you will die”.
“Never mine” I said.
I was in the middle of a battle when my sister woke me up. She told me to take her to her bus stop. I was shocked that I was dreaming in a dream. And I thought that I was awake and in a real battle with aliens and robots. “Next time I should let go of the pie and the chocolate, because I get bad dreams”, I said. And that’s the end of a dream that resulted to be a dream too.

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