The Most Perfect Day Ever

January 8, 2010
By *SHMS_chick* BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
*SHMS_chick* BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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I wake up and breathe in the cool air as I stretch. The sun beats down on my bed, making it really warm and comfortable. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude because every time I walk past someone, they smile and tell me something nice. When I got to school, there was no drama and everyone was nice. Suddenly, I was called to the principle’s office. I thought I was in so much trouble, but when I got there, he told me I won an award for outstanding work. After that, I went back to class. The intercom came on and a teacher announced that everyone could leave their class and do whatever, as long as there was no destruction of the school property or other students. Obviously and with out any doubt in mind, Jacob and I wanted to spend the time together and we did! We sat at our spot and talked most of the time about how to deal with things and it really helped us out. Besides that, we kissed each other and talked with our friends. At lunch, we all sat at our regular lunch tables, but we sat down before getting our food. We were told to do this, so we did and then the assistant principle came on the speaker and told us all that we could have whatever and it was FREE. So, my friends and I got ice cream and pizza and a lot of chicken. After lunch, we still didn’t have to be in class so we all went back to doing what we were before, but this time everyone pulled out their cell phones. I talked with Jacob and he asked me to go to the park with him after school….just to hang out and have more time with each other. I was worried because I didn’t know what my parents would say, but I called them and they said they didn’t mind. So after school, Jacob and I went to the park with some of our friends. We goofed off and took many pictures of us all just being silly. As the sun set, Jacob and I sat on the ground and I slowly fell asleep. By the time I woke up, it was very late and completely dark. When we were halfway to our neighborhood, it started raining. It was pouring down hard as thunder crashed and lightning flashed. When we got to the front of his house, I kissed him good-bye and we swapped “I-love-you”s. I finally got my kiss in the rain. I smiled. After he walked inside and I had already been walking to my house, I started to realize how scary it was being out in the rain… the dark….alone….My stomach tingled and it was the most excruciating feeling I had ever had just then. Something didn’t feel right. Was it the fact that I was late? I had no idea. I began to walk faster….and faster….and faster until I began to run. A car just sped away from my house. I ran up to the door that, unfortunately, had been open…..The house was dark……VERY dark. I tried to shake off some of the rain that soaked my clothes. The rain still poured down. I walked inside the dark house…….silence filled the air…as well as a fowl smell….. “Daddy, I am so sorry that I am late. I PROMISE I will never be late again.” I screamed. There was no answer. “Val, are you mad, too?” I couldn’t hear any response. After I took off my shoes, I tried to turn on a light. It worked. When I turned on the light, it hurt because of how bright it was, so I immediately closed my eyes, not even being able to get a glimpse around me. When I thought I was ready, I opened my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly, not knowing how bright it would be. It wasn’t that bright, but when I saw what was around me, I closed them quick, screamed as loud as I could and fell to me knees with tears dripping off my face. I curled up in a ball, and cried myself to sleep right there.

When I finally could realize what was going on, I found myself in an office……talking to a lady. She repeatedly asked me what I had seen when I opened my eyes. When my mouth was finally ready to let the words fall out, Jacob walked in. “It’s alright, Ciara, don’t freak out. I’m here.” He sat down next to me and held me tight. I held a blank look on my face. The lady said, “Thank you, Mr. Pyles, but I need her to answer my question. Ciara, what did you see when you opened your eyes?” there was a moment of silence. I finally answered her. “My brothers, sisters, and parents, on the ground, leaking blood everywhere, dead. You would never understand-” I looked down at my feet for a moment.”You would never understand the way I felt that moment. The thing is……..if I hadn’t been late….I’d be dead too.” After several minutes, the lady took me to my house, made me get all of my stuff, made me say good-bye to Jacob, and put me in a foster home where I was bound to suffer in the most horrifying pain anyone could feel.

The author's comments:
This is all fake. I like to make things up and be creative. I hope you like it.HaHaHa

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