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January 4, 2010
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“The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live, is the exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.”
-Kurt Cobain.


I am from a family of doubt.
A home of hate
A life of luck.
A scene of pain.
I am from Mistakes and romance.
Fate and failure.
I am from I never knew you
where are you going?!
I am from family falling
pills going in-out-in-out
trying to hold us together.
I am from no money or no job, to-
“fend for yourself tonight kids”

I am from
Runaway- Stay-
Runaway- Stay.
I am from
When is all of this going to end.
The worst, and the best days of your life.
I am from Grey wall.
Black table.
Blue chair.
Green rug.

I am from
It's all just a phase.

I am from no sleep, Babysitting you again....
Making sure there's no overdose
and cigarette left in your hand.
Only to suffer anger the following day

I am from 3am talks with you about death...
''how sorry you are to still be alive.''

I am from
"You know I love you right?"
And It's probably just another fight.

I am from
always running just a little Short.

I am from
every doctor knows our name.

I am from

I am from
“have you seen my pills?”
and cancer kills.

I am from
''Logical drugs''
''History of violence.''

I am from
how far are you going
to take this?

I am from
Way to high,
and trying not to cry.

I am from
come on hit me,
see if i ever come back!

I am from Jeffry take her upstairs,
i don't want her playing in the broken glass.

I am from
Where'd they all go...?

I am from
Don't answer the phone,
And I don't think I'm coming home.

I am from
A note on the door saying
“meet me at the hospital.... it happened again.”

I am from
Shirley Temple, and a life not so simple.

I am from
Out with them buying
to locked outside crying.

I am from
She didn't have to steal,
and cleaning fumes might heal....

I am from
Damage to fire, to back on the wire.

I am from
keeping her secrets,and here take and keep it.

I am from Wonderland... My own perfect world.

I am from
I wouldn't have it Any. Other. Way.
Because all that bull,
has made me who i am today.

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