Peak of Perfection

January 3, 2010
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Nature is the home of my soul. It carries everything you would need to make you happy: from the chirping of the birds to the soothing sound of the creek rushing by. If I could do anything today, right now, O would be hiking up a small path. It would have a small creek guiding me with rich forest all around. It would be so foresty that the only time I saw the sky it would be at my destination. Everything triggers an emotion. The smell of a pine reminds me of Ohio. A squirrel crossing the path would remind me of my cute, little dog. Just the presence of nature glories me. It reminds me of all the love God put into this earth. About how much he cares about me and everyone else on this planet: the thrill of making that final step to the end. That wondrous snack you have saved for your treat of making it to your goal. Finally, when you come back down you have a feeling of sorrow, just trying to picture yourself at the peak of perfection. When you get to the car, you just sit thinking of the glorious world of nature.

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