All I Want to do is Read

January 3, 2010
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All I want to do is read. Read, read, read. This is a free write you know. I can talk about whatever I want. So I want to read. I can’t read right now. I am supposed to be writing. Not reading. So here I am, writing. When writing, is it the same thing as reading, right? No way. I want to read not write. I don’t want to learn, I want to read. Do you get the picture? No? You don’t? It’s actually simple. I WANT TO READ. You still don’t get it? I….W….A….N….T….TO……R…..EA…..D! Good you get it? No? Read this page again then. If you don’t get it after a second time, read it again and again and again. You don’t want to? Well your lose.
“You can’t stop yourself for wanting to read.”

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