A Single Wish Part 7

January 3, 2010
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We tuned the last corner and we reached the house. The horse instantly stopped and I lightly lifted my leg over and the horse stood still. I heard a door slam and I heard Mother scream. “Eric!” I saw her bound over with another man. She looked shocked as she saw the horse and I. “Can I explain later?” I pleaded. She nodded and the other person beside her was the doctor. “Why this is what happened to my horse,” he muttered and I got whisked into the kitchen.

After a couple of stitches on my back, legs, and arms, I was sitting in the main room listening to my mother and doctor talking. I had told them everything that had happened and it had turned out that the doctor had a horse that escaped and ran into the woods. He claimed that the horse was unrideable and he was shocked that I rode him. They both came out. “Well Eric, how would you like your own horse?” my mother exclaimed. This was the greatest dream come true.

“John, only one helping. Matthew eat your vegetables,” I heard Rebecca call as I came down the stairs. It was Thanksgiving and as usual it smelled delicious. I smiled as I took in the scene. Alice, John, and Matthew were eating. Rebecca was cutting the bread. Lassie was resting his head on Mother and she was laughing at his face. I did a loud whistle and a dapple, grey head popped through the open door. Mother chuckled and passed him an apple. He snorted his thanks as he took a deep bite in. Now I felt almost complete. I had the horse of my dreams, Mother was back to normal and I could just tell that Father’s presence was in the room. This was truly a picture perfect family. I walked up to my horse and he was already to go for a ride. “Ready to go Pepper?” He nuzzled me as I patted him. Mother smiled at me as Lassie bounded towards us. “He truly is one of the family.” “I wouldn’t want it any other way,” I replied as I buried my head into my horse and patted Lassie on the head. My two best friends and me. Life was simply incredible.

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