January 2, 2010
You are in a room. It has four walls yet no windows or doors, trapping you in a small cage. The room is dark yet it is like there a spotlight there, illuminating you, teasing you from the darkness. You feel alone, yet you begin to hear voices. Hundreds of small chatter and words can be heard in the darkness. They are loud and counteract each other, yet you can still understand them. You can hear each phrase and cry as each letter cuts into your heart. You can their problems and stories, with etch into your heart, yet you cannot ask them to stop. You scream inside your brain yet nobody hears you. You can hear them; they can never hear you. Suddenly there is a blast of light that floods your eyes and with that light comes a burst of excruciating pain. There is nothing to evade it, for it is not really there, yet you feel in burn inside you. The tears do not come.
There is a bed. You are allowed to sleep yet as you lay there, the cries of sorrow continue on. You are restless and cold, with nothing to hide behind. There is no shelter; no place to cry your tears in silence and peace. As the days drag on, you try to sleep less and less. There is no point; you won’t get any rest.
Suddenly, there is a mirror. As you look inside it, you find yourself, a complete image of dismay. There are bags under your eyes, your face is now pale, and the worst part you see is your eyes. They are dead; hope was lost a long time ago. Suddenly, the person in the mirror speaks. The voice that comes out is yours, or at least you hope it is, for you have not spoken in days, or maybe weeks, or has it been months. No would hear you anyway. The person spouts out ideas, hundreds of them, comment after comment of what is going on. It hurts just as bad as the other voices, and then you realize that the words are your thoughts, which overshadow everything else.
You are a corner, praying to be alone, trying to make yourself as small as possible. Maybe they won’t find you here; maybe they’ll leave you alone. Yet you know these are just pointless wishes. You are tired; your eyes struggle to stay awake, yet you are losing the battle. Finally, you succumb to the darkness that tugs at you. You sleep, running away from this nightmare that haunts your dreams.

Your eyes open and you wake up gasping, looking around your room. It was all a nightmare, you realize. But the sad part is, that when you open eyes, the nightmare is no different from your reality.

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