Something Blue

January 1, 2010
By greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
greeny7 PLATINUM, Chatham, Other
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She paced up and down the hallway, her hands on her head, shaking nervously.

“Don’t touch your hair!” her mother yelled.
She quickly brought her hands down to her sides.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she muttered.
A lady I did not know grabbed her by the shoulders.

“You can, I haven’t been so sure of someone else’s success in my life! Do it for love, Nat, you owe it that much,” she screamed.
I stood there in trepidation. I had never seen my Aunt Natalia so nervous before, she was always so sure of herself, but today she was a basketful of nerves. I couldn’t blame her though, this was an event neither her nor anyone else would ever forget, and it was going to mark the rest of her life. There was so much pressure on her, to make sure she did and said everything right. I was only 7 at the time and played a very small part but even I couldn’t think straight. I tried going over and over the instructions I was given in my head. It was hard to concentrate; so many people were crammed into a small space helping Natalia get ready. Several of them, were whispering in attempt to not be heard, while they talked about Natalia’s future. A loud noise from the room caused us to all jerk our heads towards the thin curtain that separated us and those who played the role of spectators.

“Ahhh!” an old lady screamed.
I peeked out to see what was going on. Some guards were dropping a short, stubby man in his late 20s, out the front entrance. Quickly, I pulled the curtain closed.
Instantly, I distracted her by saying, “Auntie N, you are the prettiest person I know, once you walk out there, with your perfect smile, everything will take care of itself.”
I had a lot of wisdom for a 7 year old; I had this gift of being able to calm anyone down. The people outside were getting louder and louder. Natalia and I both knew we couldn’t keep them waiting any longer. After a quick good luck kiss, we pulled back the curtain and Natalia revealed herself.
She walked down the platform, head held high. She flipped up the collar of her leather jacket, pulled off the hood covering her head which was also casting a shadow over her soft face, all to expose her spiky blue hair. This was her signature mark, and the boys in the front row went wild. The blue hair was Natalia’s lucky charm; she always said that something blue was required during all events, not just weddings. Natalia picked up the rhinestone-covered microphone and her soothing voice floated across the hall. With a bang of the drums, she began to rock out just like we knew she would. After a few songs, I emerged to the stage to sing a song about family with my dearest aunt. The older audience loved listening to a younger child sing despite having to listen to my chipmunk-sounding voice. I remember running off the stage, so proud of having the courage to sing in front of thousands of people. Thankfully, the first headlining concert was a success and I was granted the permission to continue touring with my aunt. The “Blasting Blue Tour” traveled all across the United States and even reached Canada. To this day, Natalia still thanks her blue wig for making her seem original and unique, therefore helping her success. That something blue helped her fly into stardom and complete her dreams, even though it was fake, but that will be our little secret.

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