Dear Mom

January 1, 2010
By , Los Angeles, CA
Dear Mom,
It is so hard to start a letter. I know you taught me, but I always forgot.
Two weeks ago, something happened to me. I died, in a car accident. A sixteen year old drunk girl hit me when I was crossing the street. But don’t worry, Mom. I did not feel a thing.
I don’t blame the girl, Mom. You know I don’t like to hold grudges. It was the way God made it. Don’t blame the girl, Mom. I don’t think he is going to make it. Go visit her, for me. Please? I would really appreciate it.
Today was my funeral. Everyone I care about was there. Except you, Mom. But I forgive. I understand what you are going through.
All of my closest friends were there, Mom: Joseph, Hart, Brewyen, and even Katherine, Mom. They all cried. Mom, there was something I did not tell you. Katherine and I have a son together. Congratulations, Mom. You are a grandmother. His name is Rich, just like Dad. He is only one year old. He looks exactly like you, his nose, his lips, and his hazel eyes are just like yours. It is so sad to see him grow up without a father. You know I would have loved it, Mom, to be a father.
Katherine and I are not married, but I was on my way to the jewelry store to purchase the ring I was going to use to propose with when I got hit and died. You would have adored the ring, Mom. It was a heart made out of tiny rubies with even teenier diamonds in the shape of an arrow. And it’s all supported by a gold band. It’s beautiful, Mom! But so expensive: three years of a $1000-a-month salary. Katherine deserves to wear that ring. I really wanted to give it to her, Mom. Things just happen so suddenly, sometimes.
Mom, wherever I go, I will tell Lisa you love her and miss so much. I think a seven year old would miss their mother very, very much. I never got to tell Papa that I loved him before he died, and I really want to, Mom.
Mom, life here is where everything is at peace. You would love it here. When you get here, Mom, I will be the first to greet you. I promise.
Mom, I know the world is such a big place for such a lonely person. But Mom, you are never alone. Mom, life gets better. People still care about you, Mom. They care so much that you don’t even realize.

Dear Mom,
It is so hard to finish a letter. I know you taught me, but I always forgot. But the one thing I will never, ever forget is that you love me, Mom. And I will always love you too, where ever I go. Do not ever, ever forget that.

I love you, Mom

Dedicated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D)

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