Fairy Dust

December 31, 2009
By johnyczubek BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
johnyczubek BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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"There is simply no point in being here, they do not want to talk to us", mary said, realizing that her friends Arnold, Bob, and Sarah could care less about her. "I thought I could trust you guys, and then you go and do something like this." There, in front of Arnold, Bob, and Sarah on the floor were bottles of alcahol, and next to them, about 6 fairies tied up extremely tightly. There trying to get free but there try is futile. "We thought we could live forever if we....kind of.. um.. ate them", Bob said. "What do you think would happen after you ate them?, hmm?, that you would go back to your lives as if you didn't just MURDER these poor fairies!, NO, you are NOT going to eat them, I'm taking them home with me then I'll set them free, and you three shall forever have this on your back", I say, furiously. I reach towards the fairies, trying to take them, but sarah suddenly screams in terror and here eyes fall to the back of her head and she collapses to the floor. "Oh I think it's a little to late for faking a faint Sarah, grow up." " I dont think she faked it", Arndold Says. The air gets freezingly cold. I pull out my bag that is on my shoulders and I put the fey in it, furtively. I sneek out the front door while they are surrounding Sarah. I feel bad about doing that but, they dont care about fey, they never did, they only wanted to live forever, and in doing that, they would have murdered innocent fey. But I take out a knife and cut the rope off the fey and I let them fly into the air. "Thank you", one of the fey says while dusting me with dust. "No, no, I didn't do that so you can make me live forever, go now, please." Then they all flew away, just like that, into the distance.

The author's comments:
A very short story about kidnapped fairies.

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