Walking on the Ceiling

December 31, 2009
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Do you ever wonder what it would be like if life were upside down?
Sometimes I lie on my bed and let my head hang over the side. I imagine myself walking on the ceiling, and all the regular objects of my house become different objects. Go ahead, do it. Your couch works too. Try it.

Okay, now that you see what I mean, think this over: Imagine your life like that. Imagine all the little pieces that make your life whole. Now mix them up. Flip them face up, down, whatever. Are those pieces the same? If you look at them from different angles, do they become different pieces?

Now, go get your mom, or your dad, or someone in the house. Tell them to sit in front of you. First, look at them face to face. From this angle, you can see them for “who they are”. This is them. This is mom.
Step to the side. Look at their left profile. Does their face look different? Maybe on this side, their smile slides into a frown. From this side, their eyebrows could be perched differently or their nose could look wrinkled.
Step to the side again. Look at their right profile. On this side, they might have more freckles. They might not have any freckles. Is it true they have more wrinkles?
Is it true that what you see is interpretation?

Now lie on your back again. Hang your head over the couch, bed... it doesn’t matter.
Walk on the ceiling. Feel the blood rush to your head. Maybe your eyes will dim, maybe you’ll start seeing webs come down over your eyes... shutting down, shutting down. Sleepy. All the different angles, all the different webs tangle into a common darkness that is flat black.

Can you see better now?

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