Sacred Secrets part of Chapter 2

December 30, 2009
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Chapter 2

Just another “blessed” day. Oh like usual I forgot to tell you the church is also a school. Yippe!
CHAT STEWWWW! Soooo Meaty!
My alarm clock is so freaking annoying, so I reach for it and attempt to turn it off (in vain though). Naturally, I throw it out of the window like my last 5 clocks…
this month.
Knowing that I’ll be punished even more by the teachers/ nuns than from Namai, I get out of bed and get ready. In school it will be like the routine as any other of my school days. I’ll go to Social Studies, Prayer Hall, Art, English, Lunch, Math, Science and finally Prayer Hall. Like usual. I walk out of my house and of curse I see Namai in her uniform: a choice of a black or white collared shirt; for girls a plaid skirt of purple, white, black or gray; for boys a choice of purple, white, black or gray pants and finally black shoes for everyone. No accessories except for SMALL stud earrings and a cross necklace.

“Hey Namai, ready for school? ,” I ask in an obvious fake happy voice.

“Yeah just as ready as your lover is over there,” Namai says as she looks down the street.
And there he is; a God practically walking down through the crowds of the early morning people. But instead of being pushed around or nearly run over, a Red sea effect happens. Every time he takes a step forward, everyone gets out of his way making a clear path for him to walk down towards us.
Towards US?!

“ Hey Nana, wanna let me see the Bio homework and before you say no, I have the goods you’ve been looking for,” he says smoothly as he flashes a magazine in front of Namai’s face. But it’s not just any old magazine: it’s a signed Justin Timberlake magazine. I look from the magazine to Namai, she has her eyes stuck on that magazine and I think I even see some tears in her eyes. Then with a sudden determination she digs into her bag and pulls out a green notebook that I know has her Bio homework and some scandalous drawings in them.

“Here’s the homework, NOW GIVE ME THAT MAGAZINE!!!,” shrieks Namai.

“Calm down, little tiger,” he says smiling as he trades the magazine for the notebook. “Well, thanks for doing business with you.” Nathaniel says and then he is about to walk away, but then he just stops and stares at me. He gives me a 30 second overlook from my head to my toes stooping a little too long on my chest, then he stared straight into my eyes. “Hmph. See you later, Nana, Cutie-bootie,” he says with a wink then finally walks away.

“Wow,” Namai and I both sigh, but for totally different reasons.

“Did you hear about the argument with the King and the Pastor?”

“I know, the King is so hot! He’s the only one who can do that and still look so cool”
Wow. It kind of amazes me that everyone (and I mean everyone, even the teachers) are talking about Nathaniel aka King of Darkness, Dark/Black King etc. Even in Social Studies when I walked in (I was the first one in the class room), Mr. Donati, one of the cuter but unsocial able teachers, was talking to Mrs. Sharen (his secret lover as most students call them by. I wonder if it’s true).

“Did you hear about Mr. Nathaniel Williams in church the other day,” Mr. Donati says, not noticing my presence.

“Yeah I can’t believe that he even did that,” Mrs. Sharon says disappointedly. “I feel kind of bad for you. Don’t you have him first period?”

“Yes. In fact, he does,” Nathaniel says in a velvety smooth voice. Today, like always, he looks absolutely gorgeous with his modified uniform. His shirt isn’t buttoned fully (if he could he wouldn’t button his shirt at all), stylish black jeans with red elaborations of skulls on them and white sneakers with red shoelaces. “My, my it looks as if I’m the talk of the school— again,” he says as he walks over to the seat behind me. “Please my dearest teachers, please continue on with your conversation.” The room is awkwardly silent. I feel Nathaniel lean in closer near my ear, “So, hun, what do you think they’ll say now?” I blush as I feel the breath from his lips blow into my ear, and I stay silent looking down in front of me. Unfortunately, he notices this, so instead of leaving me alone he gets out of his chair and does the unthinkable. He pulls my desk into a corner of the classroom where I had to face him and couldn’t get away. Then, he goes over to his backpack and takes out his Ipod and his Ipod speakers. The teachers and I watch him curiously to see what he will do next. He plugs his Ipod into the speakers and presses the play button. All of a sudden ‘Take you down by Chris Brown is playing and Nathaniel is giving me a personal strip tease. He starts with his shirt, not even bothering to unbutton each button; he just rips his shirt open and takes off his now ruined shirt exposing his diamond-cut 8 pack and his muscular arms. Then he is about to take off his pants; he gives me a seductive smile and starts pulling his pants down.

“Mr. Williams, I would appreciate it if you kept ALL of your clothes on,” this voice can from Dr. Williams

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