December 20, 2009
By Anonymous

What I am about to do will surely condemn me to hell. As I pick up my blades hate grasps my mind with such intensity that I no longer see myself as the man I once was, and vengeance would be mine. I charged toward the ones I had seeked my vengeance upon, slaying many men with my blades as I encounter them. Within seconds blood stains my blades as the rage inside of me stains my heart, and blinds me with such aggression, such hate I begin to lose my sanity. I decapitate many of my enemies’ heads, pierce their bellies through their backs, and even dropped both my blades to take and project a spear into the chest of one of my many adversaries, thus puncturing his heart The rest soon come at me, leaving me no time to pick up my blades, my tools of murder. One soldier thrusts his blade at me, and from there I swiftly dodge his blade. My next move was as brutal as the men I face, once I grab the soldier’s head and slam it into a massive rock. Upon smashing into the rock his head spills out blood onto my body. I then took the deceased soldier’s blade to replace my own in order to quickly defend myself from the few remaining men who come at me. As my lust for blood heightens I furiously slay each opposing man. Their blood stains body, until most of my body was consumed by blood. I soon after stand before the deceased, silently celebrating my seemingly victory, until I noticed one last soldier running up a hilltop. He screamed “Spare me ” in such great fear of me, but there was no remorse in my heart for such a plea. I took a shield, that laid before a dead soldier so I could roughly throw it at the soldier. It rapidly spun at him until it decapitated soldier. His body fell and his head rolled down the hill, to my feet. I picked up the head by its hair and held it up high as I yelled a sort of war cry to announce my victory. I then stuck the head deeply through another spear, and stuck the spear deeply into the ground. As the blood of the head dripped onto the spear I said to myself that this victory is for all the fallen men who died defending my village, and to all the people in the village who too died at the hands of these barbaric men that I’ve slain. These horrid men plundered my village, killing every man, woman, and child, and even brutally raped some of the women within my village. As the lone surviving resident I have taken my vengeance, and now I walk away from the blood filled battlefield in hopes to start a new life for my myself.

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