All the bad things that could happen to you between the ages of 15 and 20

November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

I thought I lived a pretty normal life. Until I hit my 15th birthday. From then on things started to go downhill. My parents where the known as the happiest couple in town. They had never, even for a split second, thought about being with anyone other than each other. It was there 20th anniversary, and they where going on a two week vacation to Australia. In the two weeks they were gone, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer.

I don’t know what happened on that vacation but my parents where constantly arguing and fighting. The fights got more and more frequent and they also got violent. Eventually they got a divorce. This made me devastated. I thought my parents would be the people who would be together forever. My mom won the trial and got to keep me.

In the month my parents got divorced I went into a depression. I also became anorexic. My mother had to practically shove food down my throat to make me eat. My best friend that was diagnosed with cancer died. And so did my dad , but not from cancer. My dad was out in the woods and a hunter had mistaken him for a deer……….and shot him.

When In was In 8th grade I was dating the love of my life , But just as everything in my life was going great he moved to New York, and I never saw him again .I don’t know why I just thought of that, I guess just another horrible memory to add to my over flowing box.

My friend had a birthday party in New York city that I was invited to. We where going to a Browady play then going to a this HUGE mall, on a shopping spree. One of the people from the party and I went to Hollister and bought some cloths and on the way out I saw this guy running to me screaming my name. Who was this I thought. The closer he got to me I finally recognized him……the love of my life. Adam. I ran right to him and hugged him and started crying. I had never been happier I my entire life I felt like things where finally getting better, way better.
And they did. Adam told me that his mom was moving to California. Which is where I lived ,but since his parents are also divorced , he could only sometimes get to visit me. But I didn’t care any time with him felt like heaven on earth.
About five years had passed we where both out of the house and we wanted to get married but neither of us had actually said the big words. One day when we where walking along hand in hand on one of the sandy beaches in California , he got in front of me and bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Well of coarse I said yes and I jumped up and kissed him. He held me arms and I felt so safe and content, and happy.
I was soo excited about my wedding that I couldn’t wait to buy my dress. I was trying on soo many dresses and the only one that really made ecstatic. But it was way over my price range, but it was worth it.
The day of the wedding had finally arrived but it seemed like it took forever. Everything was perfect, except one thing was missing. But what was it ………where’s Adam! At that moment I started to get that really bad feeling like when you know that something’s wrong. I asked all around wondering where on earth was he. I sat down after roaming around the whole church 3 times and calling him cell phone at least 10 times. Suddenly my phone rang and I rushed to pick it up I knew it would be him.

But it wasn’t.

It was the police. They said that Adam had been hit by a drunk driver and didn’t survive. I shut the phone, and fell to the floor crying, and screaming. People rushed up to me asking what had happed. I pushed through the crowd not saying a word. I ran down to the kitchen of the church and grabbed a knife. I can’t live without him. I kept repeating in my head. I feel to the floor once more with the knife still in my hand. I that moment I had a flash back of all the horrid events in my life: My parent’s divorce ,My dad’s death, my depression, my anorexia, My friends death, My boyfriends move, and then this. I can’t take it anymore. So I ended my life right there

The author's comments:
I was inspired in diffrent ways. Some parts where inspired by movies. Some was also inspired by books or stories i've heard. and some of it is just pure imagnation

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