A Memorable Encounter

October 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Sirens were blaring, and the ambulance came rushing into the Monterey Park Shopping Center. Inside, there was a skinny young male and a man who looked like a six foot two inch NFL linebacker. The two were surrounded by a huge crowd and the police who had already arrived at the scene. There was a pool of blood between the two, as well as blood splattered all over their faces and clothes. One of the guys was in way worse condition than the other, clearly showing he was the loser in this bout. They were both handcuffed and being held back by the officers. There were teenagers taking videos and pictures on their phones, as well as little kids running to get their parents.
I am Wayne Stevens, the six foot two man. I’m actually the CEO of Carleton Finances, not a NFL linebacker. I was at the mall just trying to grab a bite to eat and get a gift for my wife for our 30th anniversary. All 30 years have been amazing and she has never done anything serious to make me mad, so I really wanted to get her something special this year. I had already got her a necklace, and was looking for a something else to put it over the top.
When I was shopping inside Macy's, I recognized a man who looked very wealthy. He was wearing a sharp black pinstriped suit, with a striped red tie. After making awkward eye contact, I quickly looked away, but when I looked back he was still staring at me. That is when it hit me, that man was Alex Jackson, a former worker of mine. There was no doubt about it that he recognized me too, and now I saw the fire in his eyes. I could feel my face getting red and all the male senses in my body wanted to march right over there and beat him up.
He used to work for me under Carleton Finances, but he was in a pretty low position in the company. He was fresh out of college and we didn’t have a good opening for him so we kind of made him my personal assistant, or as others called him, my bitch. He would do anything I told him to do, which consisted of getting a cup of coffee for me everyday, running to the store to make copies, getting supplies for the office, and much, much more. We didn’t pay him much either, he made the least out of all the employees, but he didn’t complain. He was a pretty quiet man, and I liked him until one day I found out some shocking news. I heard word that he had slept with my daughter, which made me furious so I fired him and told my daughter to stop talking to him.
Alex made his way towards me and said, "Long time no see, Wayne."
I replied, "Yes, it has been a rather long time. You have changed a lot, you can actually afford a nice suit now."
He chuckled sarcastically and said, "Yes, I have changed a lot, but it is for the better,"
"Yeah I’m sure."
I felt rather uncomfortable, so I got out of there real quick and decided I would go get food and shop for a present later. The real reason I wanted to get out of there was because I had to control myself not to throw a punch or start a fight as much as I wanted to. After I arrive at the food court and just as I got done ordering a Double-Double "animal style" from In-N-Out Burger, I turned around and there he was, yet again. Inside my head I was saying, when the hell will this guy leave me alone? I’m about to blow soon.
He was just waiting for me turn around and asked, "How is the company doing without me?"
"Just fine actually," I answered.
Alex said, "I bet you wish I was still at the company seeing how successful I am now, don't you?"
"No we're doing as good as we ever have been."
I excused myself to eat my burger and fries. It took all of my will not to pick a fight with this guy. I thought to myself, I would really love to have a personal assistant again, but no way I would let him be mine. There was no way he was coming back into the company in any way at all. Alex was frustrating me quite a bit and I hated to see him successful.
He then came and sat across the table from me with a huge grin on his face and said, "How's your daughter doing?" then laughed in my face.
That took it way too far I was not going to let him bring my daughter into this again. I was not more than two bites into my delicious burger, but I grabbed the table from underneath and flipped it up in the air. The burger, fries, and soda went flying everywhere and even got on the families next to us. After that, I took every ounce of energy in my body and ran at him and sent him flying to the ground. I wound up as far back as I could reach, and came slamming down with my right fist only to miss his face and hit the ground. Instantly a wave of pain shot up my right arm and went numb. The anger and adrenaline kept me going and next I brought back my left and connected this time right on the nose.
I felt numerous eyes watching me now, and Alex was bleeding everywhere out of his nose now, but that did not stop me. I threw a couple more punches and even a few elbows in there as well. He looked bad enough and I called it quits right there. I got up, fixed my suit and tie and walked away. I was feeling pretty bad about the extra unnecessary blows to the face as I saw the condition he was in, but I continued to walk away from the whole situation.
That's when I heard a voice behind me, "This is what you get for firing me!"
I felt a fist hit the back of my head pretty hard, but I did not show it. I turned around cranked my arm back once more only to find another arm holding my own back.
The man spoke, “Not so fast!”
I took a quick glance and saw a policeman holding me back, as well as one behind Alex now. That is when I could hear the sirens of the ambulance getting closer.

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