Bug Me For Three Wishes

December 22, 2009
By Flowergoat SILVER, Pleasant Plain, Ohio
Flowergoat SILVER, Pleasant Plain, Ohio
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Isn’t it extraordinary that I was just granted three wishes, one for me, one for my family, and the last one for our gigantic planet earth. Every one of my wishes is marvelous and special. My first wish will be for me because I am the most important, so that wish will be that I could have unlimited chocolate, fondu (of any kind), taco salad, and chipotle burritos (of any ki-ALMOST any kind I don’t like some of them, but I will leave them of this list, so that I will have something to talk to you about when you ask me what I like and don’t like). Also I will wish for a mansion sized pink (bright pink) and sparkly house. Also I will need a Chihuahua puppy for my pink purse. (I know if these wishes came true I would be spoiled rotten.) Now that I will have a house and excellent free food I will get a successful life, because that is what I am wishing for my family. I wish for us to have a successful happy life, and achieve OUR goals (and that they are thankful that my wish helped them out). Last but not least there is one wish left for all of our gigantic planet earth. Now this wish is very serious because I don’t want to mess the earth up more then it already is. This wish is to STOP pollution, to STOP global warming from occurring, and to STOP endangering animals so that they don’t get extinct. This wish is called the three S’s for earth (they all are stop because we need to STOP the bad things or our earth will die). Thank you for bugging me for three wishes, one for me, one for my family, and one for the earth. Now I feel extremely fantastic.


The author's comments:
I had a assignment to write what my dreams would be for these three wishes so I picked huge goals but that was the fun of writing it.

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