The End chapter 2

December 22, 2009
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Chapter 2:

Austin ran up the stairs fast taking a look at how fast the water was rising.

“It’s coming fast. I can barely see”, Austin yelled to everybody.

I walked up to the bottom of the stairs about to run up the stairs, but then I saw a light through the blinding rain.

“Austin!”, I yelled running at him.

He looked confused. I reached him, grabbed his arm, and through him down the stairs.


The HRT bus slammed into the entrance to the subway shattering concrete. The bus hit my arms that were shielding my face throwing me down the fifteen stair. My butt
hit the stairs first resulting in my back hitting the edge of a stair, then my head slamming on the flat concrete. An intense pain went shocking through my head down my spine. My eyes started to flutter then I blacked out.

“Sean, Sean wake up.”, Austin had said shaking my shoulder.

I was awake, but my eyes were closed. I had an extremely bad headache and every muscle hurt in my body. I sat up immediately laying back down.

“Are you okay?”, Austin asked me.

I looked to my left lying down. Blood was oozing on the floor in the water that was rapidly flowing into the tracks filling it up inch by inch.

“I’m…I’m fine”, I lied.

“We gotta go somewhere else Sean. The place is filling up with water.”, Austin said alarmed.

I sat back up gradually, holding my head. I felt light headed. My clothing was soaked with water which was very uncomfortable. I stood up. My legs were weak and I almost fell over, but my brother caught me.

“You feeling o..”, my asked.

“I’m fine!’, I yelled frustrated.

My brother backed up looking confused.

“What is wrong with you?”, My brother asked kind of yelling.

“Nothing. I hit my head”, I said holding my temper.

I looked around.

“Where’s Roger and the group?”, I asked.

Austin stared at me.

“Did you let them leave?”, I yelled asking the question.

“They left Sean! When you fell they left you because they knew that after you woke up the water would be to high. So I let them go because if you got hurt they would’ve left you. You’ve been out for an hour Sean. Look at how high the water is. It’s a foot off the tracks. I am soaked and I’ve been waiting here because I don’t want to be alone anymore. You are all I got”, he said with emotion.

I stared at him realizing we were all we had.

“I’m sorry”, I told him.

“We can talk later. The water is rising and soon we won’t be able to move”, Austin said.

We walked to the edge and jumped down. The cold of the water stung my feet and shins.

“God, it’s freezing”, I said shivering.

“I know”, Austin replied.

We started walking sloshing water all around us. I couldn’t stand how cold it was. It was getting to me. The tunnel was dark. If it wasn’t for the lights every thirty or forty feet we wouldn’t know where we were going.

The water was up to our thighs now and it was very difficult to move.

Vlosh, vlosh, vlosh!

I turned around staring into the distance of the dimly lit tunnel.

“What is that?”, I asked.

The sound increased with every second.

“I….don’t….know?”, My brother answered.

Lights were coming from about fifty feet. The were coming closer as the continuous sloshing got louder.

“Oh no. No, no, no!”, My brother yelled turning around, running as fast as he could.

“Wha…”, I cut myself off.

I knew what was coming. The subway train was heading straight for us. I tried running, but my legs were to weak. My brother was ten feet away from me.

“Austin!”, I yelled.

Austin turned around, saw me struggling, and ran back to me.

The train was close to us and the next subway stop was long ways away.

We started running together which wasn’t really running. We got about forty feet in two minutes. The subway was gaining on us fifty feet in one minute.

“Were not going to make it”, I said.

“Don’t….talk….like that”, my brother said with gasping breaths.

We trudged on. The train was one hundred feet away. There was no hope.

Vrrrr, Crash, Bam!

The ceiling walls crashed in. The force of the impact sent my brother and I flying back.

Crash, Bam!

Another part of the tunnel closed in.

“Get up we gotta go!”, I yelled at my brother.

We were twenty feet away from the entrance to the other subway entrance. The water was still rising. It was up to our stomachs. We started swimming. We got there in no time. We hopped up onto the ledge.

Crash, Bam!

The ceiling collapsed on one side of the entrance lobby. We ran to the stairs climbing them fast. It was still pouring rain, but not as bad as before.

The buildings looked worse with massive holes and some of them fallin to the ground.

Vrrrrr, Bam!

A burning ball fell to the ground exploding earth everywhere. Asphalt hit my brother and I causing us to shield our eyes.

“What is that?”, My brother asked me.

“I don’t know”, I said, then remembering the President on the TV, “There um. There meteors.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me”, Austin said.


A meteor landed five feet in front of us. The force of the impact sent us flying backward. We went at least twenty feet in the air.


I landed on the windshield of a car crashing through it. Glass went piercing through my arms and legs.


I screamed. The pain was to much to bear.

The blaze from the meteor was noticeable. I couldn’t get out of the vehicle. My limbs were badly injured. The meteor slammed into the front of the car sending it flying through the air. I was tossed and turned. The shards of glass went deeper into my skin. Another meteor hit the back of the car in mid-air ripping it off. I started to lose grip of the seat. The car went vertical.


The back of the car landed throwing me through the car to the hard pavement. I didn’t move; I couldn’t move, but I knew I had to. The car was unstable and started to tumble to its side. I curled up into a ball.


The car tumble to its side leaving glass and metal behind.

My shirt torn to shreds. There glass in my skin. I looked around for my brother. I couldn’t find him. I looked behind me seeing a meteor slam into the Sentara building taking a chunk out of it. Other meteors were slamming into cars and other buildings.

I stood up falling down. I looked at my pants leg. The was a shard of glass sticking an inch out of my leg. I grab the end and started to pull. I jerked back in pain. I grabbed hold of it and braced my self. I thought to myself.

One, Two…..
I didn’t give myself three. I yanked it out. Warm blood started oozing from the wound. I tore off a piece of my shirt and wrapped it tightly around my leg.

I stood up again looking at my arms.


Another meteor hit the building that was to my left. Huge blocks of cement started to fall from two-hundred feet right towards me. I jumped up despite the pain and started to run. A split second later the cement blocks hit the ground sending shards of concrete everywhere.

“Ahhhhh!”, somebody yelled from the Starbucks to my left.

I limped to the building.


Manhattan was being turned to rubble before my eyes. The Sentara that had been hit before got hit five times more finally giving in and falling. I saw the dust cloud coming straight toward me and the person who had screamed. It was much larger than the other buildings dust cloud.

I jogged, limping, to the Starbucks. The dust cloud was about three minutes away and I was twenty feet from the star bucks.

More asteroids slammed into the earth. I fell to the ground as one slamming into the coffee cup symbolizing Starbucks.

“Ahhhh!”, the voice yelled again.

I jogged inside the door way. The window to the left was smashed and there were small streaks of blood where it appeared somebody had slid across the floor.

“Hello?!”, I asked yelling.

There was a brief pause then a small whisper type voice.

“Sean, help me”, Austin said.

I jogged to where the blood trail ended.

There was my brother lying there. Blood was all over his left arm. The was many pieces of glass in his leg. He was moaning.

I limped over to him.

“I’m here”, I said to him.


Meteors were slamming into buildings outside.

“My arm and leg kills”, He said in pain.

His arm was in bad shape. His arm was covered in blood with a lot of cuts on it.

“We gotta get the glass out of your arm”, I told him.

“Is it really that bad, I hadn’t noticed”, he answered.

“Haha, you still have that sense of humor even when your hurt”, I said.

I touched his arm, and immediately lurched in pain.

“We gotta get it out”, I told him, “Hold on, I’ll go get some rags.”

I got up and walked to the coffee making kitchen center. I opened the drawers of the cabinets and found nothing. There was a rag by a blender that had coffee stains on. Bringing the rag over to my brother, I leaned over him and yanked out a piece of glass. Austin screamed. I pressed the rag against the area where the blood was oozing out. I yanked out several other pieces all making him scream.

There was a faint humming noise in the background.

WahBam, Crash, Erhhhhnnnn!

“What was that?”, my brother asked me.

“I don’t know”, I said as I pulled out the final piece of glass in his leg.

I helped him up. We were both injured and we moved slowly. We walked outside.

The noise was an airliner. The wing had been torn off by one of the meteors. The airliner glided toward the ground. Then everything changed. The plane turned violently the left due to the unequal weight. It was heading for the Exxon gas station about five miles away.

“It’s gonna land in the gas station”, I told my brother.

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