COLD chapter 2

December 21, 2009
Chapter 2
Of course I didn't go home, I went to the skate park instead. Doing ollies and grinds on the rails, flipping at the top of enormous ramp and bomb drops, made me feel better. Way better. I pretend I had tied Mrs. W's head to my skateboard, so every time I hit a bump she got bruised. Gruesome yes, Satisfying also. I glanced at my watch, it blinked 6:30. **** I'm late, I thought. I was late for dinner, so Shell would be riding my *** until I told her I got suspended then I would her the “ I told you so speech”, because she is always telling me that if I keep acting out it would eventually cause me to suffer. Not that I'm suffering, I just cant go to the senior prom. I don't think anyone would ask me anyway, guys do like me, but they think of me as a best guy friend. I'm not interested into any of them anyway. I sighed as I walked through the doorway to our new house. All the boxes and our few pieces of furniture had been moved in while I was in school. And since Shell dropped out to pursue acting, she had already put all the furniture in its places. I tip toed silent as a mouse, but she heard me anyway.
“ Where were you??” she asked with fake cheer.
“ Skate park”
“ You skipped??” She asked
“ No, got suspended... again”. With that she walked – more like stomped – away. Saying, “ Am I the only mature one??”.
“ Yes you are!” I called to her as I trudged up stairs. I flopped onto the soft satin black sheets that felt cool against my skin, I rolled over and my sheets smelt very strange. Like a guy had been in my bed. When there had been, just not recently.

I woke up the next morning with my long onyx black hair a tangled mess and the feeling I was being watched. Not wanting to get up I just lay there curled up in a tight little ball, and squeezing my eyes shut hoping I could go back to my good dream. In my dream I was laying in a meadow in the dead of night listening to all the midnight creatures make there little noises. A light breeze lifted my hair off my face and kissed my face gently. I looked down to see I was wearing a long blood red satin gown. The dress was tight at the top but got looser as it went down so the wind made it swirl around my legs. It was strapless and I had on black gloves that came up to my elbows. The necklace that was wrapped around my neck as a choker was black lace with a deep red crystal heart hanging from the lace. I leaned on the tree as its branches rustled in the breeze.
“ You're in for a surprise when you wake up,” I heard a deep lyrical voice say behind the tree. I spun around so quickly that I stumbled and started to fall flat on my face, but I felt myself being caught by ice cold arms that sent a shiver down my spine, yet make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Looking up, I saw a pair of electric emerald green eyes gazing into my plain old blue eyes as he smiled at me. His deep chocolate brown messy curls of hair hung in his face and all I could do was stare. I swear a bomb could go off and I would not have noticed.
“ Ya okay?” he asked. I could only manage a nod, because I was still in awe. He pulled me to my feet and pulled me close to his rock hard chest which was also freezing when it was so warm outside. He leaned in towards my face and then... I woke up. That put me in horrible mood for the day so I trudged out of bed and walked to my closet. As I limped to my closet – still stiff from sleeping funny on my leg that night – a icy cold breeze brushed against my cheek as I opened my closet doors.
That's a little freaky, I thought to my self. I could only remember bits and pieces of my dream from the night before, but the most clear image stood right in front of me. There, smack in the center of my closet was the boy from my dream except this time we had a long and noticeable scar across his pale bare perfect chest. He was wearing old worn Levi jeans and a pair of also worn out boots. Okay, so I know this was stupid and ignorant, but something told me not to scream and as usual I ignored that little voice that stupid blondie, Hillary Duff, is always singing about. Thought about not screaming as I looked thoughtful at him for about two seconds, decided against keeping my mouth shut, and let out a ear piercing shrill scream that I could have sworn cracked my window. The boy dissolved to nothing as I heard Shell rushing up the stairs in her half inch high heels. I stood there in shock and not wanting Shell to consider me a nut case, I laid on the floor of my room with my head next to the bed, pretended I was knocked out, and lay there while she shook me hard. It took all I could not to smile. I acted like my head really hurt and that I was just waking up after the fact that she started to call 911.
“ Omigod, your like okay??? What happened??” she asked franticly in that ditzy little voice of hers.
“ I slipped on my shirt,” I lied and gesturing to the black satin shirt on the ground a few inches away from my tiny foot.
“ Ohhhhh thats a good reason to keep your room like mine.”
“ And wake up to Barbie's living nightmare?? No thank you.” She couldn't help but chuckle and neither could I as I glanced at my window and noticed it just ever so slightly cracked.

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