Another lonely christmas?

December 20, 2009
Annie was sitting by the fireplace with a good book in her hand and a furry blanket wrapped around her. The TV was turned off, and the Christmas tree lights where the only lights lit in the room. But they where bright enough to where Annie could see what she was reading. She sighed and closed the book, turning to her father who was reading the news paper not far away.
"Dad." She began. "I've decided what I want for Christmas."
"You have?" Annie's dad smiled. "Well, shoot."
"I want the family too be together for once. Every time we have christmas it's only you, me, and mom."
"I don't know if we can do that." he frowned. "Besides, that's not a real gift anyway."
Annie sighed again and headed to her room to change into her pajamas and then she got in the bed. Having the family together wouldn't be a present to daddy, but it sure would be for me, Annie thought. She fell asleep, dreamlessly.
Her mom woke Annie up in the morning for breakfast and also told her mom what she wanted for Christmas and her mothers expression was doubtful.
"Honey, we have so much family that that is almost impossable." she frowned.
"I'm not talking about great aunts and stuph like that, I'm talking about gramps, and gram, and some of my cousins. I don't want another lonely Christmas, mommy."
Mrs. Ray looked at her nine year old daugher and sighed. "We'll see what we can do. Don't get your hopes up though, Annie sweatie."
"OH mom thank you thank you thank you!" Annie got up from the table and hugged her mom's neck. Mrs. Ray had no clue if she could get Annies present or not.

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