December 18, 2009
By Anonymous

At the cross road she stood,
Her flushed red cheeks were drenched with tears,
And her faith weaken by the multiple adversities she faced,
“Haven’t I been through enough?” she screamed with all her might,
From a distance the thunder muttered an incomprehensible reply,
Impatiently, the strong wind began to blow with such violent strenght,
That the grass swayed vigorously with each blow,
Within seconds, droplets of rain ran swiftly across the valleys,
NO, they said in unison.

The girl continue to stare into the distance,
Her mind deep in conflict,
Whichever path she took,
She knew that she would only come face to face with more challenges,
Challenges that will continue to inflict more pain and sadness to her mind and soul,
Finally, He said “Choose your path, my child.”
“Guide me”, she begged and fell onto her knees
He sat on a rock in the middle of the cross road and told her to do the same

“My child,
The soul is indestructible;
Swords cannot pierce it,
Fire cannot burn it,
Water cannot wet it,
The wind cannot dry it,
It is beyond the power of these things.
Since man is always indestructible,
He is always victorious (even in his defeats)
And that is why he should never be sad.

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