A Tale of Two Kitties

December 18, 2009
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I sniffed the air and caught a whiff of something very unpleasant. It was that new cat smell. I leapt up from the arm of the chair I’d been sitting on. No! I thought. They wouldn’t get a new cat. I was the best thing that ever happened to this place. I was not about to put up with some new cat. I sniffed again. Ugh. Even worse: a new kitten. I know that I was a kitten once, but I was well behaved. There was no telling what this cursed kitten might get up to. They would probably be expecting me to train it too. Pfft. Yeah right. We’ll just see about that.

I was excited to be home. Or I guess to come home for the first time. I leapt out of the girl’s arms and bounded right up to the door. There was a little door made just for me. I went right through it and found a large room with high walls, but they weren’t up so high that I couldn’t make it up there. I danced on my hind feet and readied myself to jump, but I was scooped up and in the little girl’s arms again. Then I caught a whiff of the strangest smell. I clawed at the little girl and was released. I plopped onto the ground, but jumped right back up again and followed my nose. I couldn’t explain the smell; it just reminded me of something. I looked up and saw the source of the smell. I let out a little meow of hello. I didn’t get the same greeting back.

I hissed and the hair on my back bristled. Who was this little beast to think he could come in through my door, scratch my owner, and then say hello to me like nothing was wrong. I definitely was going to whip this little monster into shape. He scampered off and sniffed around in the kitchen. He stopped at my foodbowl and I felt a yowl of anger coming on. I calmed myself though, and thought I would test him. If he left my food alone, I would give being nice a try. If he ate my food, I would murder him. He sniffed the edge of the dish, then did the unthinkable; he took a bite of my kibble! I leapt of the chair and swiped at him furiously. He meowed in surprise then took off outside through my kitty door. Then I heard the neighbor’s dog barking. Oh no, I thought, and then rushed out to rescue the pathetic excuse for a cat.

I couldn’t help myself. It smelled so good. One second I was giving in to the temptation and taking a bite, then the next, I was sprawled on my belly and my side was stinging. I looked up into the furious eyes of the other one and took off out the mini door. I was looking behind me when I smelled something dangerous. I heard the deep growling, then the loud bark. I skidded to a stop and ran back the other way. I would rather face the angry cat than a big dog. I don’t think the cat was a cannibal. I felt the thunderous rhythm of his paws pounding the ground behind me and I picked up the pace. I saw a flash of white and turned around to see what it was. It was the other cat- I believe her name was Sophie- running out to fight the dog. The dog was confused by what Sophie was doing, and he stopped. She was spitting and hissing, and was ready for a fight. The dog took another step closer to her and she pounced on his nose with perfect precision.

She scratched and bit and clawed with obvious expertise. The dog ran away howling, and Sophie turned back triumphantly. I walked up to her and slowly opened my mouth and dropped the food that had turned to mush in my mouth. I’d never actually gotten around to chewing it up and swallowing. She looked shocked but then meowed and walked inside, beckoning with her tail for me to follow. We may have gotten off to a rough start, but I could tell this was the beginning of a long friendship.

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Jan. 16, 2010 at 12:09 pm
"A Tale of Two Kitties" is a cute, and sweetly comical piece of writing that led to a predictable end. I admire the concept of writers writing from a different perspective, but I will have to witness something more dynamic from you to believe you a worthy writer. Good luck! -DEMON Age:17
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