Adam Gink's Death

October 7, 2009
By Anonymous

One day __Adam___ was walking down the street. He was so excited. Today was the day that he will never forget. They were the guest of honor at a local country club party. _Adam___walked up the grand staircase. Down the golden hall was a mysterious person dressed in black robes. A cackle shrieked from the foul beast's lips. It was time for _Adam__ to make a run for it down the hall and stairs but it was too late at the bottom of the stairs was that creature in black robes waiting. It pulled out a large chainsaw and went right for ___Adam_.
_Adam__ screamed and ran up the stairs. The third step triggered the stairs to become a slide. Down he went right into this monsters arms.... When _Adam__ finally came to he was chained to the ceiling his legs dangled down. Where he was only one person knew and that one person crept down the stairs slowly and carefully. “Why are you doing this too me?” shrieked _Adam___. Nothing, just silence. “Please let me go”. Again nothing. He was going to die. The beast moved over facing Adam___ and pulled out a butcher knife. making tiny cuts all over _Adam's__ body. He couldnt stand it, the pain was so wretched and blood dripped from his wounds. Under neath __Adam__was a pit. A pit filled with something but what. Cackling Tayler uh I mean the creature lowered _Adam___ down and dropped them into the pit. His screams of complete pain brought music into this monster's life. _Adam___was dipped with 100 open wounds in a pit of salt. Can you imagine such a thing? The clock chimed. It was midnight. Do you know what today is? A very special day. The person under the robes was getting married today. In fact the wedding started soon. __Adam__ layed there in pain and agony for hours. He began losing feeling. Two men came down to his prison and lifted him up onto a table. Dead flowers surrounding him and his cut up body. Then he heard an omen like voice. “Time to cut the cake” and out _Adam___ rolled in front of everyone dressed in black. They looked dead Thats when he saw her the most hideous bride he has ever seen. In her hands was a large butcher knife, the man beside her must be the husband he looked twisted, crazy if you please. The bride took _Adam__ by the hair and softly whispered. “I told you I would get you” And then the couple cut their cake....

The author's comments:
I am a very gruesome writer so haha. just be glad i didn't get too far into details!

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