Ninja Midget

October 5, 2009
By AWScienceGeek GOLD, Los Gatos, California
AWScienceGeek GOLD, Los Gatos, California
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In the darkest hour of night, the ninja midget fumbled with the black cloth around his body. He had to make it perfect since it was an important mission. He crawled out of his home and scurried across the floor. As he ran, his twitching ears detected the loud rumblings of the human's snoring. He stumbled and fell flat on his face as the floor shook all around him.

"Sheesh! How loud can humans get!" he muttered.

He gathered himself together and sprinted the rest of the way to the kitchen. Finally, he reached the most prized treasure a mouse's brain could ever comprehend, the refrigerator. A wave of amazement washed over the ninja midget's hidden face. How could humans make such tempting technology? He shook his head.

"Focus!" he scolded himself.

He jumped onto the dark plastic handle and swung from it by his tail. It wouldn't budge. He scrambled into the crevice between the two doors, and pushed. He pushed. He pushed like everything else was irrelevant in life. The door squeaked. He pushed harder. He wanted to scream! Suddenly, the ninja midget dropped to the ground. Moaning, the door swung open. There was the cheese, lounging on the shelves. It was just waiting, pleading, and begging to be eaten. The ninja midget snatched it from the shelves and scurried back home, back to his waiting cheese.

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