My Friend The Crystal Heart

December 18, 2009
I am an ornament at the top of a Chritmas tree. Well you could hardly call me an ornament. I am the angel. My job as the angel is to watch over all the ornaments on the Christams tree and give each new one . . . a blessing. for example, I gave the newest ornament the blessing of "Honesty."
I guess everyone figures that being the Angel is a good thing; i guess it could be if you could have friends, but ornaments where more like your kids.I had no one. Not one single friend, and every ornament thinks that I hate being the Angel, and they think I'm ungrateful. AM I?
The worst part of being the Angel is that well, I don't have a heart. None of the other ornaments have hearts either but they don't think anything of it. I do. A heart and a friend would make my life perfect in every way.
Christmas was not far away at all, and the tall lady that usually set up the tree came into the room with a fancy white box tied with red thread, that shined. she stepped close to the tree and slowly opened the small box. Every ornament was watching the tall woman wondering what was inside.
She took out a shiny object that glissened and shined so bright that it forced all the ornamentsmupon the tree to look away from the light. but i kept looking. I was curious. i figured out that the object was a heart shaped figure. it was made of crystal and finaly when she put it on the tree; not far from me, it stopped glowing and everyone gasped. I noticed i had stopped breathing and so I shook my head as I took in the new ornament. The crystal heart. The Lady walked away and the crytal heart jumped up to where she could face me.
"I'm ready for my blessing. i hope it's a good one." her voice echoed through the room, it took me a moment to speek.
"I give you the blessing of . . ." i thought for a moment then i thought of the perfect one. "I give you the blessing of friendship."
"I guess that ones okay.' she winked. "What's your name?"
"I don't have a name, i don't even have a heart."
she surprised me by laughing. "Of course you don't! Your the angel, silly."
"Yes, i know. But i would still like to care."
"You don't have to have a heart to care, angel dear."
"I don't know what you mean."
"Hey i have an idea. I'll give you a heart . . . if you do something for me in return."
"Will you be my friend?" She asked.
"Yes! Yes i will!"
"And so you will get a heart." The crystal heart smiled.
"But how will you do it?"
"Oh i'll figure out something."

days went by, and it got closer and closer to Christamas. The angel began to worry that the crytal heart was playing her. so on Christmas eve, the angel went up to the crystal heart with a sad expression.
"I became your frined." She said. "I am yet to have a heart."
"Hmmm, let me think." She said.
"You've been thinking for days." She said.
"Don't worry,I remember our deal. I know just how I'll give you a heart." The crystal heart smiled.
Her friend din't answer her. She just backed away slowly and then jumpen three times and flew up in the air. I began to panick but then I felt as though i was being pushed at, and then I realized what had happened.
"Don't forget me." I heard a voice say.
The crystal heart had givin me a heart, using herself. She was apart of me know. I would love, respect, and never forget, my frined the crystal heart. THE END

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