The Everlasting Love

December 18, 2009
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They and I were inseparable. No one would ever see us a part. Almost all of our childhood pictures had both of us in them. High school came and we remained close. As the years of high school ended I realized something, I was in love with them, but I was to chicken to admit it—something I will always regret. Graduation came and went. We parted with hugs, as they were going to college out of state and I was to stay in my hometown.

We tried to remain in touch. Every day I would write a letter to them and every night they would call me. However, over time the distance between us seemed to change us. The letters and calls started to become every other week, then month, then finally…they stopped for forever. I got married to a person I settled for, but did not love, not like I loved them. I had two beautiful kids, which I would never regret.

When our first high school reunion came, I went, hoping to see them there. However, they did not come. I had learned from an old friend that they had started a successful business and now were living somewhere with their significant other and their kids. After that reunion, I stopped going to them.

Soon the memories of our friendship started to fade like the bond between us, which as children seemed like it would last for forever. The pictures of us soon went from their frames into scrapbooks and then finally in to an old box in the basement, left to be forgotten with the old toys and dust.

The only thing that did not change was my everlasting love for them; even though my memories of them faded with old age that feeling of love stayed. Even now, as I breathe my last sigh and close my eyes, never to awake again, the feeling is still there, the feeling of everlasting love.

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