I cant stop

December 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I cant stop this addicton. No. It feels so good. I pick up the empty glass holding it upside down hopeing for one more drop of the vodka. Nothing.. D** i say. I frantically look around the dark wooden room hoping to find another glass bottle of alchohal. I admit i have an adiction i cant stop. I am what you would call an alchohalic. I cant stop this addiciton i feel amazing when im drinking. I throw the empty glass on the floor and hear the loud bang and glass shatters everywhere. I sit their thinking what next? No rehab for me i love this addiction it makes me feel alive and happy. Well recently ive been bulimic really my only diet consists of partying,alchohal,and smoking. I smoke a pack a day. My addiciton never stops. I get skinnier every day its such a shame i could care less about dieing tommorow im only 85 pounds. By tommorow i should be gone. Goodbye to the addiction i cant stop you werent really my friend just somethig i could take my deppresion out on. I wont be missing you..

The author's comments:
Say no to drugs and alchohal.

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