In the Shallows

December 17, 2009
I’m a Mer-person.
Just turning 14 in human years. Very, very young in Mer-people years. This is the year I get to explore the Sorum. That’s what the people call Land, or Earth. So when I enter Aerii, or the Air, I am transformed into human. Only my family, the Mediomaris, is allowed this privilege, ever since the Human married one of us. Since then, our genes mixed, and on entering Aerii, we have been able to turn two-legged.
But of course, it was most uncomfortable. We needed to learn to walk on land as well as swim as gracefully as the seals. As for clothes the scales that came off to reveal legs, they were transformed into the most modern clothes.
So as I swam my way up to the skin, the layer, the surface that separated my from the Sorum, I began to become nervous, but my parents and all the people of Inferaerii, urged me on. And I ceremoniously broke through the “barrier” that separated me from my parents.
Immediately, the precious pearl worn by my mother, my sisters, and my grandmothers before me disappeared. The black river pearls threaded through my brown hair disappeared. And the water flowers decorating my sea-blue tail disappeared. As I broke through the surface, they all disappeared, only to be replaced by a white clothing Human’s called t-shirts, and dark blue clothes Human’s called jeans. My brown hair instantly dried and the dolphins carried me to the shore.
It was a very exciting experience. The light called the Sun shined down and made the surface of Maris sparkle and glint in a happy way. My chest filled with the substance Aerii was mad of. And I felt the sand between my toes, tickling them.

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