Bad Dream

December 17, 2009
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It was around dusk when I came to. I was unsure where I was. There was dead grass everywhere, a silo in the distance, and a large wooden gate. Still lying on the ground, I was trying to determine what the fenced in gate contained. I slowly arose to see millions and millions of pigs. The fenced in pigs just kept going until there was nothing else but the dark and gloomy forest. I looked around the area; there wasn’t a sign of civilization anywhere except for one little red farmhouse behind the farm. I stood up and was pondering on how I got here when suddenly a man threw open the door. I felt a heart beat that traveled my whole body as I jumped and faced his direction. He was wearing a tan shirt and blue jeans. He glared at me but the stare was not meant to be menacing. He looked up into the distance as if searching for something. I turned towards the direction he was looking at but saw nothing. I then looked at him and yelled, “ Where am I?” He quickly changed his stare back to me. I felt like his eyes penetrated my very soul. He said,” This” then slowly paused for a moment and continued, “This is a place of great danger boy!” He stopped and frantically looked into the distance once more. I was becoming frightened about whatever this danger was. This man must have seen it more than once and seen the awful things it had done. I heard a sharp squeal from the farthest end of the pig farm. My spine tingled from electric fear for the thing the man was warning me about had arrived and was moving nearer to me. I didn’t know what to do. “ It’s here!” he said with his eyes so wide it was as if I could see all the way into his soul. I could see the fear in his eyes because he understood he might not make it this time. I knew the look of true fear, and he had it all over his face. I ran towards him and stood behind him. He stood in the exact same position he was before I ran towards him. Even though he had seen this thing before, he must have been lucky the other encounters. This time, I could see he didn’t know what to do. Now, more shrieks of pain came from the pigs. Pig’s body parts flew in the air. The man ran in his house only to bring back a gun. Closer and closer the noise grew. My heart was beating faster then a sprinter after the 100-meter dash. The man stood gun ready and held perfectly still. Then everything grew deathly silent. Not even the wind made so much as a breeze. Death was in the air. Then Crash! A massive animal, bigger then a full-grown grizzly and with claws long as daggers, came sprinting toward the man. Before I knew it, the man fell and turned my direction with a claw mark on his face. I panicked and ran away from the farm. The beast quickly noticed and gave chase. I was sprinting now with sheer determination to keep up my pace. I dare not turn to see if it was following me. It then pounced on me. Just when the beast was about to rip me limb from limb, I awoke in my bed safe and sound

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