I'm Sorry Dad

December 17, 2009
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Tossing the football back and forth my brother and I played. As we were playing my dad came out to tell us that it was a school night and we still had to eat. He wanted us to come in and have dinner; I said five more minutes and he agreed. When the five minutes were up he came out and got us; I still wanted to play. My dad started yelling at me, so I yelled back. By the time we were done yelling at each other I was grounded for a month and wasn’t aloud to have dinner. The reason I was grounded for a month was because I said a lot of things to my dad that I shouldn’t say. The next day I woke up and went to apologize to my dad for saying everything last night. Once I apologized my dad said to make sure that it never happens again. After going all last night without dinner I knew I was going to be hungry; I went downstairs and made myself two Belgium waffles, three pieces of sausage and a glass of milk for breakfast. As I was eating I thought about last night and knew I regret all of it.
This was a huge lesson to be learned for me to never ever yell at my parents. Ever since that day I yelled at my dad I have always wanted to go back and relive that day to fix it and make things better. My dad is so great and I had no idea what I was thinking that day standing in my front yard just yelling and saying bad thins to my dad. I’m sorry dad!

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