Mark and Rosa (Part 1)

December 16, 2009
By Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Mark, just a simple farmer boy working late as usual at the barn. The night was pure and dark while the stars slowly shine their little souls in the dark cloth of the night. The moon was just above his head, the man in white who is still to this day, shining his soul upon the earth showing his full face. The trees who filled with beauty by their green hats and their brown long dress that touches the earth’s skin softly. The warm summer wind was playing his tricks and dancing around Mark’s short dark brown hair.

The barn was old and worn from time, a rusty red here and there along with some brown spots on the silver metal. The animals were asleep; some were standing high and strong while others were laying down, feeling the earth’s skin against their faces. Mark was hiding in the hay stacks, asleep like the animals in the barn. All you can hear was his snoring and the wind dancing and singing all around.

Mark was tall for his age, about 6ft 2in tall even though he was about 17 year-old with his birthday coming up tomorrow. His hair was a dark brown almost near black, black as the night sky. His eyes were an unusual color though to him it was normal; his eyes were ruby red as if they were the actual jewel, shining bright in the moonlight. His face looked strong and peaceful as he slept, leaning his back against the hay stacks, his hat covering his eyes and his hair. His hat was a normal cowboy hat, tan with a deep brown lash across the hat.

He was shirtless showing his perfect chest and his 6-pack that was as strong as rock yet tan as a light brown like the sand on the beach. His pants were black and way too long even for his height and body. Around his neck loosely was a golden necklace with a golden cross with the man known as Jesus with his arms reached out across the cross. It was a gift from his mother instead from his foster parents who always boss him around telling him to cook and clean every day. Mark had both parents before the horrible car crash that killed both his parents while leaving the huge scar down his back as the reminder.

As he slept, a small tear escape his eye and runs down his tan cheek while he remember his mother’s sweet voice telling him to wake up. “Wake up…..hey wake up…..Mark, wake up! Help me, please!” Wait, that’s not my mom’s voice. So, whose voice is that, anyways? It just me with the animals so, who is that then?

Slowly he open his eyes still hearing the mysterious voice calling out to him more and more, louder and more clearer. With a quick jumped he saw who own this voice; it was a horror to see this really.

“What the- I mean, Oh My God! Are you ok ma’am? Hey! Can you hear me ma’am? What happen and what’s your name?” his voice was shaken in its tone as he tried to remain calm in this situation.

Standing in front of him barely was a woman about his age covered in blood and in extreme pain. Her face was cut up and her eyes were burn shut that it looks like she could be blind forever. Her pale arms were also cut up but also had marks where it seems like shots were ejected into her. Under her burn eyes were bags you would normally see when someone hasn’t slept in what seem like days. Her hair was black but yet, he could still see that it was covered with blood which he thought was maybe her blood in case she hit her head.

But as his eyes slowly examine her body, he could see that all she was wearing was just a white T-shirt covered in blood, stopping at the near-top of her legs. Her legs were covered in cuts and around her ankles and her wrists were deep in cuts that showed that she was contained tightly somehow. It seem that she was wearing nothing under the shirt, she wasn’t even wearing socks, just bare. The dirt and some blood cling to her feet. She looked like that she was a woman who had been kidnapped and was torture for what seem like days or maybe even weeks.

Mark tried to talk but it was just that, even though she looked torture he was really thinking how amazing she looked. He swallowed slowly as he stood up in front of her, just staring at her body then at her face. He looked at her eyes, burned as he let his hand take over, slowly touching her eyes, rubbing them softly. Suddenly, two tears escape her eyes, one tear for each eye but her tears were not the usual clear tears, and they were pure red like the blood on her body. Why can’t I stop touching her face!? I can’t look away or even say anything to her. What’s her name? Who is she anyways? Was she a killer? No, just look at her wrist and her ankle. They been tied or bond with something I can tell but the markings.

“M-mark….help me please. I can’t see anything. Mark, are you listening or even here? Mark! Answer me, please….”

Her voice was soft and filled with sadness in its tone as mark continued to stare at her beauty. Before he had the courage to speak, her knees gave out causing her to fall forward into his strong arms. Her hands gripped on his arms as she cried and cried on his chest. All he could manage to do was just hold her in his arms tightly, letting her cry all she wanted. As long as she wanted to cry, he was there.

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on Feb. 11 2010 at 8:29 pm
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
54 articles 0 photos 146 comments

Favorite Quote:
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
William Shakespeare

Hey I finally have some stuff on online...please read them for me and tell me what you think!!! I would love to hear the thoughts of one of my best friends'...Well yeah again awesome job at writing keep up the good work!!! : ]

on Jan. 29 2010 at 1:35 pm
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
54 articles 0 photos 146 comments

Favorite Quote:
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
William Shakespeare

You've done it once again! Awesome job (especially with the hot guy with abs!!!) well good details and good suspense it made me keep guessing what would happen... Keep writing!

P.S.: See you at school (again!) :)


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