Hello Seattle

December 16, 2009
By serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
serena SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"its better to burn out then fade away." -Kurt Cobian ♥

I was lying on my bed, the Seatle rain pelting the roof. It was
pitchblack outside,all except for the fresh full moon, bright and shining,
i listen to the thunder rolling accross the sky and the lighting strikeing
the soft dirt. The trees beyond my yard stood tall. Not affraid of the
threatening lighting and thunder beckoning them forward. The rain was
coming down hard now, everything turned black and blinked back on, power
went out. I felt the static in the air as the TV flicked back on. My alarm
clock was at 12:00 blinking over and over again. I clicked the buttons
continuously untill it said 1:33am. My dog was sleeping next to me. I
petted his soft ears. I couldnt sleep.

There was people everyone. Anyone to witness it. What i did was wrong
sure, but it was the only way out. Someone had stole it. Took it in there
possession. Cramming all the blackmail they could. Ripping out certain pages and turning them in with there desirable thirst of hate. No one new who though. Anyone could have been a culprit. Eyes darting back and forth.
Skitting accross everything as though it was made of ice. The only to
people i trust were the only people who understood me, even they didn't
know what treacherous thing i had done.

Eight grade girls still thgouht it was funny to pick on the tall girl,
the girl they thought eating away her self esteem would make them feel
better. I hated it. I hated them.
And her best friend is one of them. She dusnt care, but i did. My other
friend understood me, she was the same as me afraid of one thing in life.

Grade school i had friends maby two good ones. We drifted apart. Dont
even make eye
contact. The speeker went crackeling on.

DO YOU HAVE MAYBELLE SANTOSE? the teacher replied

It was like the walk of shame i knew wat it was for. but i didnt want to think. I walked solemly into the office. The lady eyed me quikly motioning for me to take a seat. i waited. the tall laky princible peered around the corner. she called me in.
"Mis Santose, i understand you know why your here?"
"well this is unexceptable." she slamed some pages down in her out rage i swiped them up before she with drew her first down opon them.
"Bad grades??"
I breathed a sigh of relief she hadnt known about it yet.
"yea well sry im stupid."
"Um sorry i forgot the stuff?"
"Well your going to be real sorry when i call home."
"I never had a home." i walked out out of her office, and closed the door, leaning on the door. Mrs. Walker dialed a number in her office phone. there was a fiant ring. the phone was on speaker.
"Yes hello Mis. Santose--"
"Its not Santose its Chase, Mrs. Chase."
“Well… however, Mrs. Chase, we are concerned about maybelle's failing grades, and frankly, her overall well-being.” she paused there was ruffling of papers. “Many of maybelle's teachers have expressed great concern and brought it to my attention at several different times. "
"I now she has some problems but shes going through alot--"
"What is it that shes going through--"
"Now that i assure is none of your bussiness."
"When it starts to effect the cercumstanses of grades it becomes our busness"

I want to scream, but my mouth is dry her words were drowned together, lost somewhere between her mouth and my ear. The door blocked out any words further sounding, she had took it off speaker. I couldn't tell anything from her side of the argument.The office lady had peered around the corner she stared at me over her thin glasses.
"Miss lady, you should leave."
It wasn't really a question, more of a statment. I got up slowly glaring at her. I scuffed across the office and out the door. Slamming it behind me hard. Blue eyes glanced at me going by. i started walking, he walked next to me.
"What were you in for."
"Grades." i looked down at my scruffed up shoes, ive had them for 3 years. "mom" says i dont deserve them we have "better needs."
"Oh" he looked down at my shoes. "Nice shoes you know there supossed to be all star converse not "one star" whatever that is."
"Kurt Cobain wore one star." i said defensivly
"Nevermind." i wispered
"Whos Kurt, thats a weird name."
"No one you would know." i whispered and turned to my class.
"SANTOSE, late again are we?" the teacher looked down me through her glasses on the tip of her nose. her gray hair short, curly and frizzy. her eyes were furrowed together creased lines all across her face, her small line of a mouth that never showed teeth nor smile.
"shut up" i whispered
"what was that?!"
"come again please"
"NOTHING, i was with the principle, good lord"
"take ur seat maybelle, and you can join me for lunch too"

I grabbed my reading book off the table and put my headphones in that was hidden under my Nirvana sweater. i turned on the Guns N' Roses. The teacher yelled at me to pay attention and to put the book down. I lowered the book. Glaring at the teacher. I turned my music up and stared between
her eyes. Listening to sweet child o'mine. I glaced up at the clock for the fith time in a row, fifteen minutes had passed by there was still three hours till the end of school.

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