December 16, 2009
By Shmee BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
Shmee BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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"Just because that's the way things are, doesn't mean that's the way they should be." I don't know who said this, if you know, please tell me.

Natalie Hall
Jason was not happy. He had picked the short straw out of all the lifeguards, and was here now, searching for some damn woman's bracelet. He walked around the side of the pool. Nothing there. Nothing in the pool. Nothing on the sides. Nothing on the bottom. Nothing. "Damned woman dropped her bracelet in the deep end. Shouldn't have been wearing it, even if they were her grandmother's f****** pearls." He turned the corner and continued combing his eyes across the bottom of the pool. Nothing. But wait... There. A glimmer. A shine....
Suddenly there was a bang. Something appeared in the pool, in the deep end. It was a girl. She was writhing in the water, her hair clouding around her face. Her mouth was gaping open in a silent scream. Her hands ripped and scratched at her skin and throat.
He jumped into the pool, his heart pounding. Blood clouded around her. He stopped, coming up underneath her. She was bleeding out of two slits in her lungs that were almost completely hidden by her white dress. The blood, the dress and the hair mingled slowly.
She stoped moving.
He pulled her out of the water and placed her on the pool side, and started to perform CPR. With every breath he pumped in, her lungs sprayed blood up onto his face. With each pump on her chest, she coughed up more and more blood. Slits ran through her chest. The white dress slowly stained red with blood.
She was bleeding out. Her heart fluttered slowly and faintly. She took a final gutteral breath, blood from her lungs spluttering into the pool. Blood clouded the water.
She was dead.
Jason slumped by the edge and eased his feet into the water slowly.
There was a glimmer in the water again. He slipped into the water. There was a bang and he was gone.

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Abby said...
on Jan. 27 2010 at 4:53 pm
Uh... creepy!


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